Pit Bulls from dog-fighting bust to be euthanized

Dozens Pit Bull dogs that were found in what has been called the world’s largest dog-fighting bust in the Philippines may be euthanized so they don’t end up in similar circumstances, as there are no facilities to rehabilitate the animals.

A Philippine Animal Welfare Society rescue volunteer takes care of a Pit Bull at a dog camp in San Pablo City.

Seventeen Pit Bulls were put down following the discovery of a 300-dog makeshift camp, where the animals were found living in deplorable conditions. When the dogs weren’t forced to fight, they were restrained with heavy chains and living in kennels made from oil drums, which provided inadequate shelter.

Unfortunately, some of the same dogs in last week’s San Pablo City bust were found in a separate raid last December in the Cavite province. According to Anna Cabrera of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society via the Associated Press, the dogs were “recycled,” that is, adopted by people and then re-sold to another dog-fighting ring.

Eight South Koreans have been arrested for allegedly running an illegal online dog-fighting gambling ring.