Want a dog? Go for it!

The benefits of having a dog are overwhelming and undeniable. Start with your ego. A dog does wonders for it because you suddenly live in a world in which every move you make is extraordinarily impressive. At any given time, your four-legged admirer is probably thinking one of three thoughts:

  • Awwwesome–you make treats appear!”
  • “I’m deliriously excited that you’ve decided to come home from work again today!”
  • “Who cares what you’re wearing? I’ve got to cover your face with kisses now!”

Expect your popularity with humans to also skyrocket. Go from zero to irresistible in less than 60 seconds, simply by strolling down the street with a prancing mass of fur at your side.

And as if you needed science to tell you, dogs are good for your health. Having a dog can actually help lower blood pressure–and petting a dog has shown to do so immediately. (Note: We said “help.” A life with Sparky does not cancel out a daily diet of burgers and fries.)

As for staying active, a dog practically guarantees you’ll get at least some exercise. Even when you may not feel like a pre-coffee walk around the block this particular morning, Sparky’s got the leash in his mouth and has been staring at you since dawn.

The biggest benefit? Having a dog puts life in perspective in a deeply satisfying way. It’s tough to stay mad about a coffee stain on your pants with your pup wagging his tail off in anticipation of a round of tug. Even an off day at the office feels pretty insignificant when you come home to someone who’s wildly appreciative of a session of fetch and a fresh bowl of water.

But don’t take our word for it–be convinced on your own. Unconditional love is a powerful thing.

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