Working dogs

Working Dogs For Labor Day

On Labor Day humans celebrate workers; not to be forgotten are the contributions made by our four-legged friends, be it guidance, therapy, or other working dogs.

by DogTime
August 16th, 2016

Give a dog a job and save a life

The Canines with Careers program at Best Friends Animal Society teaches dog trainers and rescue groups how find appropriate rescue and shelter dogs for career work.

by Michele C. Hollow
September 24th, 2014

Military Working Dogs still considered equipment

This Memorial Day, as we honor U.S. service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our homeland and our freedoms, it is important to remember the four-legged heroes who serve or have served in the United States Armed Forces.Early last year, told you about a landmark piece of legislation called the Canine […]

by DogTime Staff
May 24th, 2013

Service Dogs: To pet or not to pet

How many of us have ever been out and about and observed a working dog in action? As dog lovers, our first impulse is often to show our respect and admiration by reaching out and petting these wonderful, selfless heroes or to verbally praise them — which is precisely what we should not do!Remember, a […]

by DogTime
October 27th, 2008
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