Town rallies to help rescue dogs injured in rollover crash

On July 19, animal rescue volunteer from the “Douglasville Pawlunteers” and Douglasville, Ga., resident Jonnie Craig was in the midst of transporting 14 kill-list dogs from a small Douglas County shelter to Libby’s Legacy, a no-kill dog rescue in Maine, when the unthinkable happened.As Craig entered hour 17 of the transport trip in the early […]

by DogTime Staff
August 5th, 2013

Top 16 friendly dogs

Some dogs are incredibly friendly, others are aloof and suspicious. Here are 16 dogs that were rated the highest — five stars — for All-around friendliness in the Dog Breed Center. The ranking was based on four sub-categories: affectionate with family, dog friendly, friendly toward strangers, and kid friendliness.1. Bichon Frise2. Bull Terrier3. Cavalier […]

by DogTime
July 11th, 2012
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