Thanksgiving Safety Tips For Dog Lovers

The family feast can be a lot of fun for everyone, but it can also be dangerous for our dogs. That’s why it’s so important to remind ourselves of some basic Thanksgiving safety tips.

by DogTime
November 22nd

Dr. Mahaney’s Thanksgiving Safety Tips For Pets

Pet hazards lurk in festive foods, decorations, and schedule and environment changes. Take the following precautions, as you could suffer emotional and financial stress caused by a pet’s holiday health crisis.

by DogTime
November 22nd

Two Adults, Two Dogs, No Kids: A Family

While I know a certain percentage of the population will never get this, I need to say it—directly and without apology: I don’t have dogs because I can’t have kids. I have dogs because I want dogs.

by Julia
November 19th

The story of the Mayflower dogs

In September, 1620, a group of religious separatists boarded the Mayflower and began a 66 day trip from England to the New World. But the 102 humans were not the only passengers aboard the small ship — record shows that two dogs joined the pilgrims on their historic journey across the Atlantic.The first mention of […]

by DogTime Staff
November 22nd, 2012

Black Friday deals for pet products and supplies

Going hand in hand with the Thanksgiving holiday are the Black Friday store sales, where you can find items reduced by more than 50 percent off their regular price for one day only. This year several stores are jumping the gun and opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day to maximize sales.DogTime and CatTime combed the […]

by DogTime Staff
November 19th, 2012
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