Stay command training

  • Teach Your Dog To Stay

    Teach Your Dog To Stay

    How to teach your dog "stay" and "advanced stay".

  • Dog doesn’t listen?

    Dog doesn’t listen?

    Question: Why does my dog seem to ignore commands? Answer: Ever look at the caller ID on your phone and think, “It’s so-and-so with more complaining–this time I’m not picking up…”? Like people, dogs are moved to action by what they associate with pain and pleasure. We will do anything to avoid pain and gain […]

  • Dog training and non-food rewards

    Dog training and non-food rewards

    Question: What can I use besides food as a training reward? Answer: The answer to this question is both easy and complicated–it really depends on your dog. An appropriate training reward is anything that your dog will work for in order to gain access to it, such as a chew toy, getting to go for […]

  • Make dog training fun?

    Make dog training fun?

    Question: How do I get my dog to enjoy our training sessions? Answer: If you really think about it, training time is play time–training should be a fun experience for both you and your dog. Remember to keep your attitude light-hearted and consider this time together a part of the bonding experience. If your training […]

  • Clicker training?

    Clicker training?

    Question: What’s clicker training? Answer: Clicker training has been used for years to train marine mammals, and it’s very effective with dogs, too. All you need is a clicker–a small plastic box with a metal tab that clicks when you press it–and treats. Clicker training lets the dog know he’s doing what you want precisely […]

  • The all-important recall command

    The all-important recall command

    Bringing your dog back

  • Dog training: Stay

    Dog training: Stay

    Master trainer Ian Dunbar on teaching your dog the 'stay' command