Paean to Pit Bulls (one week after Vick cancels Oprah)

Last week the blogs were abuzz with Michael Vick’s will-he-or-won’t-he-appear-on-Oprah drama. He ultimately backed out, but the show would’ve aired this afternoon.You won’t get to sit through Vick’s mawkish “I love animals” act or hear heartrending accounts of his own suffering, but you do have a much more satisfying option: Watch John Shipe’s Pit Bull […]

by DogTime
February 24th, 2011

Open letter to Michael Vick on the occasion of his Oprah cancellation

Dear Michael Vick, It’s understandable you cancelled the Oprah appearance. She’s a powerful lady with a huge media empire and devoted following. One teeny mess-up on your part and the entire world would hear about it. But here’s an idea: Save face and allow me to interview you. No one’s ever heard of me, and […]

by DogTime
February 16th, 2011
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