Nutritional Supplements for Dogs

  • Nutritional Supplements For Dogs

    Nutritional Supplements For Dogs

    We all want our dogs to be as healthy and long-lived as possible, so it makes perfect sense to feed them well.

  • How To: Choosing The Right Dog Treats

    How To: Choosing The Right Dog Treats

    Treats are a great way to show your dog a little extra love.

  • Supplements for healthy dog?

    Supplements for healthy dog?

    Question: My dog is young and healthy. Would vitamin supplements be beneficial? Answer: Most puppies reach maturity between the ages of one and two. Age seven marks the onset of the “senior” or “golden” years for most canines, although large and giant breeds mature more quickly, and are considered seniors at age five. Not only […]

  • Will natural remedies help my dog?

    Will natural remedies help my dog?

    In recent years, the use of nutraceuticals and herbal supplements have made it into the mainstream. Advertisements claim that these natural and alternative remedies may boost immune system function, improve memory and mood, help you lose weight, and support many other benefits. Veterinary medicine has begun to include some of these supplements for pets as […]

  • Arthritis and the aging dog

    Arthritis and the aging dog

    The signs of arthritis may be hard to spot. You might notice it takes Fido a little longer to get up in the morning and she seems to have a harder time moving around. Soon you realize that she’s in pain whenever she walks, jumps, or even sits up. It’s difficult enough to accept that […]

  • Food for older dogs?

    Food for older dogs?

    What am I buying when I pick up dog food labeled "for seniors"?

  • Vegetarian dog food?

    Vegetarian dog food?

    Question: I know that dogs like meat, but I’d like to feed mine a vegetarian diet. Is that safe? Answer: Your dog can live a long and healthy life on a strictly vegetarian diet, but just as you would for yourself, make sure that she’s receiving plenty of protein and all the essential vitamins and […]