Nick Santino

DogTime’s top 10 dog news stories in 2012

In countdown format, here are the top 10 news stories that generated the most traffic on in 2012:10. Dog bites anchor on live TV: It seemed like a great idea: Reunite on live TV an Argentine Mastiff named Max with the man who rescued the dog from an icy lake. Unfortunately, the reunion didn’t […]

by Mike Dogtime
December 20th, 2012

Actor commits suicide after Pit Bull is euthanized

Less than 24 hours after his dog was euthanized Tuesday, soap opera actor Nick Santino took his own life. The grief was too much to bear.Santino once said of his adored Pit Bull mix, “I didn’t rescue Rocco. Rocco rescued me.” That idea is a common refrain among those who adopt shelter dogs, but for […]

by DogTime
January 28th, 2012
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