Mitt Romney

Romney dog redux: Car stopped for suspected animal cruelty

A car with a dog kennel strapped to its roof was pulled over earlier this week in Littleton, Colo. by police. Fortunately, a stuffed animal was found inside the dog carrier – not an actual dog.The driver of the two-door Honda was cited for failing to provide proof of insurance. He was initially pulled over […]

by DogTime
February 9th, 2012

Romney hounded for placing family dog in rooftop kennel

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who has been hounded by accusations of animal cruelty, took another jab from the Obama administration today. Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, hopes to win the Republican nomination, and the Florida primary is today.On a Twitter post, White House senior advisor David Axelrod featured a picture of his boss, President […]

by DogTime
January 31st, 2012
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