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Former Vicktory dog Georgia passes away

The Pit Bull Terrier, and former Michael Vick fighting dog, was happy in the final days of her life — thanks to a loving owner named Amy and her rehabilitation at Best Friends.

by DogTime
December 4th, 2013

Former Vick dog Lucas passes away

The Pit Bull was considered one of Michael Vick’s grand champion fighting dogs, but he proved the naysayers wrong when he was rehabilitated by Best Friends.

by DogTime
June 25th, 2013

Jonny Justice plush toy revealed

It’s the moment so many have waited for and no one could have predicted. Jonny Justice, one of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s compound, is now immortalized in the form of a Gund — yep, the folks who make the teddy bears — plush toy. Last year, the company held a photo contest. Proud […]

by Leslie Smith
May 1st, 2013

DogTime’s top 10 dog news stories in 2012

In countdown format, here are the top 10 news stories that generated the most traffic on DogTime.com in 2012:10. Dog bites anchor on live TV: It seemed like a great idea: Reunite on live TV an Argentine Mastiff named Max with the man who rescued the dog from an icy lake. Unfortunately, the reunion didn’t […]

by Mike Dogtime
December 20th, 2012

Former Vick dogs reunite for five-year anniversary photo

October 27, 2012 marked the five-year anniversary of the discovery of NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s extensive dog fighting operation.After Vick’s Pit Bull Terriers were seized, they were brought to several rescue organizations for care and rehabilitation. Two of those groups, Best Friends Animal Society’s Kanab, Utah dog sanctuary, Dogtown, and BADRAP, an organization out of […]

by DogTime Staff
November 8th, 2012

Immortalize former Vick dog as Gund stuffed animal toy

So it’s come to my attention (how in the world did I miss this earlier?) that a former Michael Vick dog is in the running to become the inspiration for the next Gund stuffed animal. The toymaker, famous for its plush teddy bears, is holding a photo contest, and the image with the most votes […]

by DogTime
August 15th, 2012

New Michael Vick book, clothes: is redemption for real?

If you’re a Michael Vick fan and are impressed with the steps he’s taken toward redemption, you’re in luck. You’ve got two exciting new options by which to help keep him on the path to financial — and public relations — success.Last week Vick announced the launch of V7, an athleticwear line to be sold […]

by DogTime
July 18th, 2012

Michael Vick book details dog fighting

USA Today published excerpts from Michael Vick’s upcoming autobiography, Finally Free, which is due to be released in September. Some of these snippets detail his dog-fighting exploits — take a look:”I knew how to lie with a straight face. Sad to say, Commissioner [Roger] Goodell bought into what I was saying, and I think he […]

by DogTime
July 17th, 2012

Five Cat and Dog Videos for Friday, June 22, 2012

Today’s videos feature a dog “throwing” a treat to a Dalmatian; a dog trying to get a tennis ball from a wading pool, a tribute to a former Michael Vick fighting dog, a small dog racing a Greyhound, and a tenacious cat wrestling a Dachshund. Here are five Videos for Friday.Click on any of the […]

by DogTime
June 22nd, 2012

In memoriam: Ellen

A moving tribute to Ellen, an 11-year-old Pit Bull and former Michael Vick fighting dog who passed away recently.More videos for today:MainDog tosses treat to other dogDog tries to get ballSmall dog races GreyhoundWrestler cat and Dachshund

by DogTime
June 22nd, 2012

Former Vick dog passes away

Last weekend, the dog world lost one of its brightest stars, but the beacon of hope that she provided will endure long after her death.Ellen, one of the oldest Pit Bull Terriers to be rescued and successfully rehabilitated after enduring abuse in NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s dog-fighting operation, passed away at her Best Friends Animal […]

by DogTime
June 21st, 2012

The Michael Vick dogs: Five years later

On April 25, 2007, a search warrant was served on a residence on Surry County, VA. At that location, the police found evidence of dog fighting, along with several neglected and injured Pit Bull dogs. The owner of the property was Michael Vick, then quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. In the media frenzy that ensued, […]

by DogTime
April 25th, 2012

Former Michael Vick Pit Bull fighting dog is adopted

One of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s dog-fighting ring has been adopted from the Best Friends Animal Shelter in Utah. Little Red, a Pit Bull, now lives on six acres of fenced property in the Midwest with her new owner.A woman named Susan adopted the dog in September of last year. She first saw […]

by DogTime
March 30th, 2012

Lost Dogs Author Jim Gorant Talks Vick, Pit Bulls

by Michael Mountain, StubbyDog.orgAfter writing his first article about the downfall of footballer Michael Vick in Sports Illustrated, senior editor Jim Gorant received a number of letters asking “What does this have to do with sports?”, “Why does it matter? They’re just dogs” and “No one cares if you kill cows or chickens or hunt […]

by DogTime
September 21st, 2011

One Pit Bull, several former dog fighters, and the meaning of redemption

One of my Facebook friends is a 17-year-old Pit Bull named Sarge. (I don’t have many animal “friends” — at least not on Facebook — but I made an exception for Sarge. A senior dog and a bully breed ambassador with a human family committed to animal welfare, how could I resist?)For the first 14 […]

by DogTime
July 25th, 2011

Tell GoDaddy CEO: stop shooting elephants

Last week, I couldn’t go to cnn.com without seeing the link to the awful story about Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDaddy. Parsons hunts wild elephants for sport and decided to capture his latest exploit on video. If his intent was to shock, horrify, or otherwise “impress” viewers, Parsons succeeded. The footage he sent around […]

by DogTime
April 4th, 2011

Vick is the victim, according to the Baltimore Sun’s Reimer

In her column in the Baltimore Sun, Susan Reimer asserts Michael Vick is now the victim. Dogtime editor Leslie Smith begs to differ.Dear Ms. Reimer:I read your piece in Monday’s Baltimore Sun. It stunned and confused me, and I’m hoping to get clarification on a few passages that still have me perplexed. I invite you […]

by DogTime
March 31st, 2011

Vick’s sentence: What’s next for the dogs?

The sentencing of former Atlanta Falcon star Michael Vick to 23 months in prison for his role in a dog fighting ring drew a mixed reaction from some animal welfare groups. (Read more in Fighting for the underdog.) “We’re disappointed he didn’t mention the dogs once in his statement,” says Donna Reynolds, co-founder of BAD […]

by DogTime
March 31st, 2011

Michael Vick rewarded for “making progress”

Why the early reinstatement? According to Goodell, Vick is “making real progress.” I assume he’s talking about on the football field, as I haven’t seen much progress when it comes to Vick’s promise to “help more dogs than [he’s] hurt.” Well, “progress,” “growth,” and all those other words that connote redemption are subjective, I suppose. […]

by DogTime
March 31st, 2011

Ed Block Foundation’s response to Michael Vick’s Courage award

When it was announced last month that Michael Vick was to be awarded the Ed Block Award for courage, I expressed my utter disbelief and despair. I encouraged readers to post their reactions as well, and I promised to send all to the Ed Block Foundation.As of yet, I have not received word from anyone […]

by DogTime
March 31st, 2011
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