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  • Top 10 dog-friendly hiking trails

    Top 10 dog-friendly hiking trails

    Celebrate this 4th of July by taking your dog for a hike on one of these incredibly scenic trails — from the Little River Canyon in Alabama to Big Bear Lake in California.

  • Top 12 dog-friendly beaches

    Top 12 dog-friendly beaches

    Summer is in full swing, and it's an ideal time to beat the heat and take your dog to the beach for a cool dip; here are 12 stretches of sand that are worth a visit.

  • Exercises with your dog

    Exercises with your dog

    Exercising with your dog is beneficial to you both! It will help with weight maintenance and aid in avoiding problem dog behaviors that are a result of insufficient exercise. Before beginning exercises with your dog, make certain that he is healthy, hydrated and not showing any symptoms associated with arthritis. Agility training Cycling Doggie Yoga […]