hurricane sandy

Hurricane Sandy survivor dog with terminal cancer finds a home

When Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast in late October 2012, the veritable superstorm left a trail of devastation in its wake. People lost their lives, their homes. Businesses were leveled, towns destroyed. And thousands of pets, those with homes and without, became some of the storm’s most vulnerable victims. Beautiful black Labrador Retriever […]

by DogTime staff
August 28th, 2013

Pets and disaster preparedness

Question:With recent hurricanes, severe snow storms, and tornadoes, what can I do to prepare my pet for such an event?Answer:It’s great that you are thinking ahead on how to protect your pet if disaster strikes. Over 97 percent of pet owners say they would take their pets with them if they were forced to evacuate […]

by Debbie White
March 1st, 2013

Newark “Super Mayor” rescues freezing dog

When WABC reporter Toni Yates and a camera crew set out for the freezing streets of Newark, New Jersey last Thursday night, they expected it would be business as usual. But as the group covered their story, another completely different one started to unfold right before their eyes. A fierce and dangerous cold blew in […]

by DogTime
January 29th, 2013

Little dog is lost, then found during Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc across the Northeast this week, leaving loss and devastation in her wake. But as the superstorm pushes her way north into Canada, families from North Carolina to Maine are beginning to pick up the pieces, and hundreds of worried pet owners are desperately trying to find the cats and dogs that […]

by DogTime Staff
November 1st, 2012

Hurricane Sandy causes devastation, pet evacuations

As Hurricane Sandy continues to cause destruction in the Northeast and inland, images of the devastation show evidence of the storm’s immense power.Sadly, more than 50 people have already lost their lives in the storm, including a Brooklyn couple, Jessie Streich-Kest and Jacob Vogelman, who were killed by a falling tree while walking their Pit […]

by DogTime Staff
October 31st, 2012

Animals of Hurricane Sandy: You can help

Superstorm Sandy continues to wreak havoc along the East Coast, triggering power outages, fires, and tremendous flooding in areas of New York and New Jersey. With entire towns under water, rescuers are frantically working to bring relief and supplies to individuals stranded in the most devastated areas.Our pets are among the most vulnerable during this […]

by DogTime
October 30th, 2012
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