How we met

  • Rescue Stories: How Andy & Ginny Met

    Rescue Stories: How Andy & Ginny Met

    Happy dog adoption stories! "One shelter received our application and immediately called to say they were actually saving a dog specifically for a family!"

  • Beth & George

    Beth & George

    Human: BethCanine: GeorgeLocation: San FranciscoTogether since: 2003Type: Boxer/Hound mixFavorite dog group: Second Chance Pet Rescue We weren’t really looking for a dog, though I had a vague idea I might want one. Then a friend told me about George, a soulful boxer mix she’d just seen on a walk with her dog. He’d just been […]

  • How we met

    How we met

    Whatever the story, we want to hear it! Submit your own How we met and don’t forget to mention how long you’ve been together. Be sure to include a photo of you and your dog.

  • Ken & Meli

    Ken & Meli

    How we met

  • Jamie & Rudy

    Jamie & Rudy

    Happy adoption tales

  • Leslie & Uno

    Leslie & Uno

    Human: LeslieCanine: UnoLocation: San Francisco, CaliforniaTogether since: 2005Type: Doberman Pinscher mixFavorite dog groups: Give a Dog a Bone, Pets Unlimited, Muttville I spotted his picture online, a chocolatey mass of fur with a green collar. According to the description, he’d been hit by a car–and though he’d recovered beautifully–no one had come to claim him. […]

  • Emma & Cody

    Emma & Cody

    Human: EmmaCanine: CodyLocation: San FranciscoTogether since: 2005Type: Border Collie mixFavorite rescue group: Second Chance Pet Rescue I am eternally grateful to the parents of my 5th grade students at Live Oak School who, through an act of incredible generosity, bid on Cody at our school auction, and gave him to me. That night, I went […]

  • Winn & Tupper

    Winn & Tupper

    Human: WinnCanine: TupperLocation: San FranciscoTogether since: 2006Type: Herding dog mixFavorite rescue group: Grateful Dogs We had just received the sad news that our wonderful year-old retriever mix, Ripley, had leukemia. He was given only a month to live. We also knew that his very shy dog-buddy, Molly, around 9 months old at the time, would […]

  • Tricia & Mattie

    Tricia & Mattie

    Human: TriciaCanine: Matterhorn (Mattie)Location: San FranciscoTogether since: 2006Type: Catahoula mixFavorite rescue group: SPCA We were combing a long list of shelter websites and cruising the aisles of the SPCA on a regular basis when we found Mattie. We wanted a puppy so that our kids could help raise her, but learned that they’re hard to […]

  • Clare & Casey

    Clare & Casey

    Dog adoption stories

  • Corinne & Munchie & Muttley

    Corinne & Munchie & Muttley

    Happy dog adoption stories

  • Lisa & Lucy

    Lisa & Lucy

    Do you believe in love at first sight? If not, the story of how Lisa and her husband met up with loveable Lucy while shopping in the Castro may just change your mind.