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25 Easter Dog And Puppy Pictures To Make You Smile

Easter is on the way! It’s a holiday we celebrate with our friends and family, including our furry family members. Here are 25 pictures of Easter dogs who are ready to hunt for eggs, open their baskets of presents, and pose with their bunny friends!

by Krista Kumpf
April 12th

25 dog photobombs

A photobomb is when something’s intentionally or unintentionally inserted into a photograph’s field of view, sometimes as a practical joke. Consider the popular recent example to the right (speaks for itself).What follows is a gallery of 25 instances of dogs captured via photograph with hilarious results.

by DogTime Staff
March 5th, 2013

The best dog photo ever

About once a week, I come across a picture of an animal and it makes me think: This is absolutely, without a doubt, the best photo ever. Wouldn’t I love to have that framed and hung in my living room? Or at least share the image with everyone I know? Yes, I would.Well, today a […]

by Leslie Smith
December 6th, 2012
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