Dog Holiday Gift Guide

  • 2018 DogTime Holiday Gift Guide For Dogs And Dog Lovers

    2018 DogTime Holiday Gift Guide For Dogs And Dog Lovers

    You can still get some fun Christmas, Hanukkah, or winter holiday presents for the dogs or dog lovers in your life. Check out DogTime's Holiday Gift Guide for the 2018 season!

  • 9 Bark-worthy Holiday Gift Ideas For Pit Bull Lovers

    9 Bark-worthy Holiday Gift Ideas For Pit Bull Lovers

    The holidays are on the way, and there's still time to find the perfect gift ideas for Pit Bull lovers in your life. Here are 9 holiday gift ideas that will have humans and dogs barking for joy!

  • Dog Treats

    Dog Treats

    For a prize, incentive, or tasty snack, here are some treats your dog is sure to love: Fruitables Skinny Minis Soft & Chewy Dog Treats At only 0.5” wide, these treats are designed especially for small breeds and/or training purposes. They are made with select organic ingredients and superfoods. Skinny Minis Soft and Chewy treats […]

  • Other Dog Products

    Other Dog Products

    Miscellaneous products for dogs and humans: 50 Games To Play With Your Dog A game guide for all sized dogs geared towards mental and physical stimulation. Great ideas for using store bought toys as well as putting fun twists on basic games such as fetch. When your imagination gets the best of you and your […]

  • Dog Accessories

    Dog Accessories

    Various dog items including leashes, feeding bowls, and sports jerseys: Bison Pet Dog 3-Piece Set This gift set includes a matching 6” collapsible bowl, a 6’ by 1” nylon dog leash, and a nylon collar, available in three different sizes. The collar is adjustable with a plastic side squeeze buckle; the leash has a loop […]

  • Dog Toys

    Dog Toys

    Dogs love to play, and here are some items to fetch, catch, or extract the treat from. Angry Birds Plush Ball Talking Head Dog Toy Anyone with a smartphone is probably familiar with Angry Birds, an addictive time-wasting video game where you launch birds with various abilities at targets in an attempt to destroy evil […]

  • DogTime’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

    DogTime’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

    The holidays are upon us, and more perplexing than what to get your Aunt Sadie is what to get her pet dog. Never fear, DogTime gives recommendations for a variety of gifts for all types of dogs and humans. Whether it’s a bag of yummy treats, a durable toy, or even a new car, chances […]

  • Over the Top Dog Items

    Over the Top Dog Items

    True “wish list” items, these dog gift ideas start at $100: Chateau Poochie Crown Jewel Premiere Suite If your furry prince or princess likes pampering, a stay in the lavish $109/night Crown Jewel Premier Suite at Chateau Poochie in Pompano Beach, Florida would be a dream come true. A room reservation includes three gourmet meals […]