Dog Guarding

Dog guarding behavior

Question:Can I stop my dog from guarding her food and toys?Answer:Yes. But first, for your safety, a quick snapshot of what guarding looks like: Dogs with food or toy aggression often display stiffened body postures when a person or animal approaches their food or valued possession. Many dogs will also growl or snarl. Some will […]

by Sheila Segurson
March 31st, 2011

Curb your dog’s guarding behavior

Who owns the kibble in your house, once it hits the dog bowl? Does Rover run you out of the kitchen when he is eating dinner? What happens if you need to take away a tasty rawhide?If food, bones or chewies turn your sweetie into a growling, snarling monster, then your dog has an issue […]

by DogTime
July 10th, 2010
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