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What Are My Dog’s Exercise Needs?

Unfortunately, some people don’t think enough about exercise when selecting a breed, and they choose a dog who needs more exercise than they’re willing or have time to provide. Here are some tips to give your dog the exercise they need.

by DogTime
April 1st

New Years Resolutions For Your Pet: Commit To Daily Exercise

Here’s one of my recommendations for a New Year’s resolution that will optimize the quality of life of your canine or feline companion. Set attainable and sustainable activity goals for yourself and your pet. Commit to doing physical activity on a daily basis.

by DogTime
December 31st

22 Dogs Jumping For Joy!

Dogs love jumping and play, take a few minutes and play with them. These 22 dogs will inspire you to get out of your chair and jump around. It's important to play every day!

by DogTime
June 21st, 2018

Top 5 tips for running with your dog

Running with your dog is a mutually beneficial activity, but there’s more to it than putting on running shoes, putting a leash on your dog, and heading for the door.

by DogTime
November 18th, 2014

The top 20 dogs that need lots of exercise

Let us be clear: All dogs need exercise, but some need more than others. Here are 20 dogs that thrive when they’re given plenty of exercise. Dogs that don’t get enough exercise are prone to hyperactivity, rampant chewing, or, on the other end of the scale, obesity and the health problems that go with it. […]

by DogTime
July 9th, 2012
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