Dog Chasing

  • Help! My Dog Is Chasing Everything

    Help! My Dog Is Chasing Everything

    Chasing can create dangerous situations for both your dog and his target. Curb your dog's chasing obsession with our suggestions for treating and preventing dog chasing behavior.

  • Separation Anxiety

    Separation Anxiety

    A trainer prescribed "desensitization" for my dog's separation anxiety. What does that mean?

  • The all-important recall command

    The all-important recall command

    Bringing your dog back

  • Dog meets baby

    Dog meets baby

    The birth of a baby is a wonderful event for your human family. To make it an equally joyous occasion for your dog, you need to give him some special attention to help him cope. Since they are pack animals and follow a strict hierarchy in their lives, having a strange new member of the […]

  • Improve dog recall?

    Improve dog recall?

    Question: My dog’s recall is pretty good, but when he sees a squirrel, I could have a steak in my hands and he’d ignore me. Any recommendations? Answer: Sure. First off, make sure you are setting your dog up for success and preventing squirrel chasing when possible, otherwise you’re making your job a lot harder. […]