Choosing a shelter dog

  • What You’re Getting Into When You Get A Dog

    What You’re Getting Into When You Get A Dog

    Liking dogs and liking having a dog are two very different things. The sad truth is that millions of pets are surrendered to shelters around the country every year; the good news is that your future family member need not be one of them.

  • If I Adopt A Dog, How Will I Know If He Or She Has Behavioral Issues?

    If I Adopt A Dog, How Will I Know If He Or She Has Behavioral Issues?

    If I adopt a dog from a shelter, how will I know he or she doesn't have any behavioral problems?

  • Choosing a shelter dog

    Choosing a shelter dog

    The decision to adopt your pup from a shelter is a step in the right direction — learn what questions to ask and how to choose the perfect shelter dog for your family.

  • Purebred or mixed breed?

    Purebred or mixed breed?

    Dogs fall into one of two groups: mixed breeds and purebreds. Purebreds generally conform to a specific “breed standard” because their parents and other ancestors are all members of the same breed. Therefore, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what general behavioral and physical characteristics a puppy of that breed will most likely have. […]

  • Best dogs for kids

    Best dogs for kids

    Question: My kids are still young but we'd like to get a dog. Which breeds are best with children? Answer: Breeds were created by humans for the express purpose of accomplishing certain tasks: sporting dogs retrieve game, herding dogs corral sheep, and working dogs guard the house. With kids in the house, it’s generally better […]

  • Teaching old dogs new tricks

    Teaching old dogs new tricks

    Training adult and senior dogs

  • Dogs for large family?

    Dogs for large family?

    Question: We have a big family with people coming in and out of our home all the time. Are some dogs more social than others? Answer: Just as some people are naturally more sociable than others, some dogs are little social butterflies, while others would just as soon be left alone, thank you very much! […]

  • A case for adult dogs

    A case for adult dogs

    The myths surrounding homeless adult dogs keep some potential adopters at bay. Learn the truth about adult shelter dogs and give these, loving, loyal dogs a second look.

  • Adopting best rescue dog?

    Adopting best rescue dog?

    Question: How do I know what I’m getting when I adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue group? Answer: This is where your due diligence comes in. Spend lots and lots of time with your potential new family member. I recommend getting to know the dog as much as possible and even asking the […]

  • Dog rescue groups: picky

    Dog rescue groups: picky

    Question: Why does it seem harder to get a dog from a shelter or rescue group than from a breeder? Answer: It’s true, adopting from a shelter or rescue group can seem more rigorous than filling out a college application. Breeders are less picky–they generally look for the basics when evaluating a potential dog guardian: […]

  • Dog adoption questions?

    Dog adoption questions?

    Question: What questions should I ask before adopting a dog? Answer: The most important questions are the ones you ask yourself, even before you approach a rescue group or shelter. Am I ready for a commitment of five or ten or more years? Am I willing to adjust my life to make room for another […]

  • Thinking about getting a dog?

    Thinking about getting a dog?

    It can happen to anybody. You see this great dog that’s looking for a home and gives you that big-eyed look that says “pick me”. Before you know it, you’re buying dog food and treats at your local supermarket. Falling in love with a dog is easy. Sharing your home with a canine friend can […]