Charles the Monarch

DogTime’s top 10 dog news stories of 2013

Remember the dog transported behind the SUV? 2013 had no shortage of important events involving man’s best friend — check-out the year's top 10 news stories.

by Mike Dogtime
December 24th, 2013

“Lion dog” gives confused onlookers a scare

Look over there! Is it a miniature lion? Is it some sort of a strange dog-lion hybrid?Thankfully for the terrified residents of Norfolk, Va., the odd animal with the distinctive mane was indeed a hybrid, but not the kind they’d feared. A Labrador Retriever-Poodle hybrid, or a Labradoodle for short, 3-year-old dog Charles the Monarch […]

by DogTime Staff
January 10th, 2013
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