body language

How Do Dogs Like To Be Talked To?

As dog lovers, we’re all probably guilty of using baby talk around our pups. We can’t help it. But do dogs enjoy being talked to like babies, and do they benefit from such speech? How do dogs like for us to talk to them?

by Mike Clark
September 17th

4 Real World Examples of Dog Body Language

Your dog will have a few behaviors that can tell you exactly how they’re feeling about the people and dogs they meet on their travels. But what are those behaviors, and how do we understand dog body language?

by John Woods
August 5th

Can Deaf Dogs Learn Sign Language?

When it comes to deaf or hearing-impaired dogs, you can use hand signs to replace the verbal aspects of communication. In fact, whether you have a deaf dog or a hearing one, many now believe that body language and hand signals are better forms of communication than verbal commands.

by Jean Andrei
June 9th
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