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Your Valentine may have four legs

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow (February 14), and if you’re thinking of adding a pet dog or cat to your household, Best Friends Animal Society has a deal for you.

by DogTime
February 13th, 2015

The Tooth Fairy helps homeless dogs and cats

Did you know dental disease is the most common problem that affects dogs and cats? Professional animal dentists have donated their time to help pets in need at Best Friends.

by Michele C. Hollow
February 3rd, 2015

What does “No Kill” mean?

Although there are still more pets than available homes, shelters and rescues are lowering the number through spay/neuter programs and various adoption events.

by DogTime
January 8th, 2015

Helping animals while avoiding burnout

One of the co-founders of Best Friends Animal Society has co-authored a book titled The Power of Joy in Giving to Animals, an inspiring work for animal lovers.

by Michele C. Hollow
December 22nd, 2014

How to earn school credit and help animals

Some kids can earn extra school credit and help shelter pets — here are seven possible ways that include improving reading and writing skills to learning photography.

by Michele C. Hollow
October 9th, 2014

Volunteerism at Best Friends

Gallery: Now that autumn is upon us, summer is truly over; read how one family paid a visit to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, a locale that has something for everybody.

by Michele C. Hollow
September 30th, 2014

Give a dog a job and save a life

The Canines with Careers program at Best Friends Animal Society teaches dog trainers and rescue groups how find appropriate rescue and shelter dogs for career work.

by Michele C. Hollow
September 24th, 2014

Former Vick dog Lucas passes away

The Pit Bull was considered one of Michael Vick’s grand champion fighting dogs, but he proved the naysayers wrong when he was rehabilitated by Best Friends.

by DogTime
June 25th, 2013

Michael Vick’s 2nd Chance

by Michael MountainFounder, Best Friends Animal Society and The Stubby Dog Project A few weeks ago, the whole country got caught up in President Obama’s shout-out to Michael Vick, saying that he was happy that the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles had done something to give the footballer “a second chance.” Why on earth would […]

by DogTime
February 1st, 2011

Puppy Mill Initiative (Missouri’s Prop B) draws unlikely opponents

As the November voting day draws closer, debate over Missouri’s Prop B — the Puppy Mill initiative – continues to make national headlines. And the arguments are becoming more political with each endorsement and attack.Like other laws aimed at preventing cruelty, Prop B wouldn’t affect anyone who is treating animals with adequate care and kindness. […]

by DogTime
October 6th, 2010

Sarge, shot 6 times, is finally a lucky dog

Today the planets aligned for me in a way I’m not used to. I had the intense pleasure and honor of having dinner with Michael Mountain, the founder and past president of Best Friends Animal Society. Best Friends is home to 22 of the Pit Bulls confiscated from Michael Vick’s property – and has by […]

by DogTime
August 22nd, 2010
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