Aggression toward dogs

  • Dog Is Suddenly Aggressive Toward Other Dogs

    Dog Is Suddenly Aggressive Toward Other Dogs

    Why is your dog suddenly aggressive toward other dogs? Without meeting your dog, it's impossible to know for sure. That said, here are some of the most common reasons dogs begin to show aggression toward other dogs.

  • Aggression Toward Dogs

    Aggression Toward Dogs

    What to know about dog-aggressive dogs and puppies

  • Separation Anxiety

    Separation Anxiety

    A trainer prescribed "desensitization" for my dog's separation anxiety. What does that mean?

  • Dog muzzles

    Dog muzzles

    Dog muzzles are useful for preventing a variety of behaviors including biting and picking at wounds; learn when to use a dog muzzle and how to choose the right one for your dog.

  • Socializing your puppy

    Socializing your puppy

    Puppies start to learn as soon as they are born. They are especially receptive to retain what they learn during their first 13 to 16 weeks of life. It is especially important that puppies have experiences with other dogs, as well as with children and adults, from birth to 16 weeks, the optimal time for […]

  • Dominance: Dog training’s dirty word

    Dominance: Dog training’s dirty word

    Why dominance training is so controversial

  • When to muzzle your dog

    When to muzzle your dog

    Question: When is muzzling a dog appropriate and can you recommend a certain kind? Answer: By and large, muzzles are used to keep a dog from biting or causing injury. There are two types of muzzles: nylon (also referred to as the “groomer’s muzzle”) and basket. Nylon muzzles consist of a wide strip of nylon […]

  • Dog guarding behavior

    Dog guarding behavior

    Question: Can I stop my dog from guarding her food and toys? Answer: Yes. But first, for your safety, a quick snapshot of what guarding looks like: Dogs with food or toy aggression often display stiffened body postures when a person or animal approaches their food or valued possession. Many dogs will also growl or […]

  • Bringing home a second dog

    Bringing home a second dog

    One of the thorniest issues a pet owner may face is introducing another dog or puppy into the family. A dog who has had the house and family to himself may not welcome another dog in his “den,” and may resent having to share his family’s attention. The initial meeting is important, so you’ll need […]

  • Do Dangerous Dog Breeds Exist?

    Do Dangerous Dog Breeds Exist?

    Our country seems to be in the grip of a dog-bite epidemic. Current statistics are approximately 4.7 million bites per year, with about 1 million of those bites requiring medical care. One to two dozen people each year in the United States will lose their lives to a dog attack. These numbers may actually be […]

  • Raising a dog-friendly dog

    Raising a dog-friendly dog

    Teaching your dog to be safe & friendly