abandoned dogs

Detroit home to upwards of 50,000 abandoned dogs

Just over a month after the financially-troubled city of Detroit, Mich., filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history, news of another crisis has animal lovers wondering what can be done.Once the home of American automobile innovation, manufacturing, and the birthplace of Motown music, Detroit is now home to packs of abandoned dogs, four-legged […]

by DogTime Staff
August 22nd, 2013

When grungy and hungry mean lost, not forgotten

That scraggy, skinny dog or cat who wanders around your neighborhood may not be a stray, but a household pet who may have run away from home and become lost.

by Nina Stively
August 16th, 2013

British authorities approve microchip mandate

While 60 percent of Britain’s 8 million dogs already have microchips — small biocompatible chips inserted beneath the pet’s skin that, with a code, are linked to the owner’s contact information — that percentage is not good enough for government officials hoping to cut down on the number of loose and homeless dogs in their […]

by DogTime Staff
February 6th, 2013
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