The Best Pooper Scoopers for Your Dog’s Business

We all know there is one drawback to owning a dog. The poop. Whether your dog goes in your own yard or poops while out for a walk, it is your job to clean it up. You don't want to dirty your hands or feel how gross it is. So, what can you do? Use a pooper scooper, of course. There are several types but some are way better than others at helping you pick up poop without the need for you to touch it. Here are our favorite pooper scoopers on the market that can help make your life easier so you can enjoy your dog without getting down in the dumps.

Petmate Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin and Rake Pooper Scooper

Long-Lasting Durability

Easy to use and super convenient.
Best Overall

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The Petmate Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin and Rake Pooper Scooper will make life so much easier. The Arm & Hammer odor control bags fit right over the scoop while the sturdy plastic rake works on any surface to push the poop right into the bag. You won’t have to get your hands dirty ever again. In addition to the scoop and rake, this pooper scooper comes with a bin to hold it all in when not in use. It also makes it easy to transport.


  • Handle length is adjustable
  • Bags fit over the scooper
  • The bags are included
  • Everything can be broken down and stored in the bin
  • The plastic is easy to clean when needed


  • The scooper and rake are 2 separate pieces
  • The rake gets poop on it

GoGo Stik

Easy to Use

Keep your hands clean with this pooper scooper.
Most Mess-Free

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The GoGo Stik is the cleanest option. This pooper scooper holds the Dootie Bags right at the end with ease. You simply scoop up any poop right into the bag and tie it up. It is mess-free and keeps your hands and the scooper itself completely clean. Meanwhile, the handle is telescopic, which means it is easily extended or shortened based on your needs. The GoGo Stik is available in 2 sizes and you can also get the optional rake to make it even easier to scoop the poop into the bags.


  • Choose from 2 sizes
  • Bags attach right to the scooper
  • Handle extends which makes it perfect for households with multiple people
  • It can be used on-the-go to catch your pup’s poop before it even hits the ground


  • The Dootie Bags that come included are the only ones that fit properly

DogBuddy Portable Pooper Scooper

The Compact Option

Clip it onto the leash and go.
Best Portability

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The DogBuddy Portable Pooper Scooper is an extremely easy to use and convenient pooper scooper made specifically for those on-the-go. It is small and clips right onto your dog’s leash. Meanwhile, when you are ready to use it, simply open up the collapsible back and scoop the poop right in. Then you can hang it right back onto the leash. This portable pooper scooper comes in 2 convenient sizes.


  • Collapsible and compact
  • Hooks onto the leash
  • Keeps your hands clean
  • 2 sizes available


  • There is no way to attach bags to it
  • You need to clean it between uses

PPOGOO Non-Breakable Pooper Scooper

Sturdy and Convenient

The pooper scooper for any terrain.
Most Durable

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The PPOGOO Non-Breakable Pooper Scooper is an all-terrain tool that can pick up poop anywhere. Gravel, sand, grass, concrete, and more are no match for this poop scoop. Meanwhile, once you are done using it, simply fold it up and put it in a bucket or against the wall right outside. In addition to the strength and durability of this pooper scooper, you will also love the one-handed operation. No matter how you look at it, this pooper scooper is extremely versatile.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Picks up poop from any surface
  • One-handed operation is very easy
  • Folds up compactly
  • Affordable


  • No bags included
  • Hard to clean

DegBit Long Handle Portable Pooper Scooper

Premium Affordability

A multi-use pooper scooper for everyday messes.
Best on a Budget

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The DegBit Long Handle Portable Pooper Scooper is an affordable choice that can pick up poop from almost any surface. Meanwhile, you can fit a bag or paper towels right over the ends so you never have to touch the poop or clean the poop out of the teeth. Once you are finished using it, this pooper scooper folds right up. This scooper is controlled with one hand. It is super easy.


  • Folds down for compact storage and travel
  • You can use bags or paper towels with it
  • Can pick the poop up off most surfaces
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • The handle is not as long as others
  • Snags weeds and grass

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use a pooper scooper?

Dog poop can carry parasites. It is also just plain gross to touch and smell. Using a pooper scooper protects your hands and makes it easier to get the poop into a bag.

What type is best?

The best type of scooper for you is based on your yard, dog, and trash options. Small concrete areas will require a different pooper scooper than a grassy or sandy area.