The Best Pill Pockets for Dogs

We love our pets and want to keep them healthy, but few things are more difficult than giving your dog a pill. From wrapping it in cheese to burying it in peanut butter, they usually find a way to spit it back out. Pill pockets can help you disguise the pills from your dog and ensure your furry friends get the medicine they need to stay healthy. We've researched the best pill pockets on the market today to bring you this list of our favorites.

Greenies Pill Pocket Variety Pack

A delicious disguise

If your pup won't take a pill, pop them in these packets and they won't even know it's there.
Best Overall

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This three-pack of pill pockets comes with chicken, peanut butter, and hickory smoke flavors that your dog will love, turning pill time into a treat. There are thirty of these in a pack. Your pup will enjoy the taste so much that they won’t even notice they’re taking medication.


  • These pill pockets work well with multiple pill sizes
  • These Greenies disguise the taste of medicine


  • Your dog may like these too much and want them as a constant treat
  • The pill pockets may crumble during shipping

Greenies Pill Pockets Natural Dog Treats

Tastes like chicken

Whether you have a solid or liquid medication, these pill pockets can hide the taste of the meds so your dog wants to take them.
Best For Liquids

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Greenies are the number one vet recommendation for giving pills, and these natural pill pockets are no exception. They are a healthier alternative to stuffing pills in meat, cheeses, and peanut butter that might not be healthy for your pet, but they pack a flavorful punch making your dog love them. These pill pockets can also hide liquid meds.


  • Veterinarian-recommended
  • These are an affordable product


  • These contain celery which some dogs can’t stomach
  • They are tiny and could be a choking hazard for young children

Greenies Pill Pockets Natural Dog Treats Value Pack

Keep your pup prepared

With sixty pockets in one pack, you'll be set for over a month's worth of meds.
Best For Daily Pills

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These pill pockets come in a value pack. One bag will last you well over a month. Dogs can’t sniff out their meds with these pill pockets. They’re easy to use as you simply fill, pinch, and serve. The best part? The number one ingredient is real meat.


  • These pill pockets are super easy to use
  • Greenies hide the taste of medicine so that your dog will quickly and easily take their pills


  • You must be careful not to touch the hands that the medicine touched to the treat, or it may not be effective
  • There is only one pack of pill pockets

Milk-Bone Pill Pouches

For picky pooches

If you think your dog can't be fooled by a pill pocket, think again.
Best Flavors

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Milk-Bone is a trusted treat brand, so it’s no surprise that they offer pill pockets that our best friends will love. These come with 125 pill pockets for dogs that are mess-free and conceal the taste of meds. There are no by-products, meals, or artificial flavors in these treats.


  • These are exceptionally tasty for picky pooches
  • Made to fit most tablets and capsules


  • These pill pouches may be too big for smaller dogs
  • The Milk-Bone pill pouches may come in several smaller packages instead of one package

Greenies Pill Pockets Natural Dog Treats Tablet Size

A tablet a day

If you have a pill that's a tablet instead of a gel cap, this might be the pocket for you.
Best For Tablets

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These tasty pill pockets taste like chicken and eliminate the mess of trying to squeeze a pill into meat or peanut butter. If you’re trying to make your dog’s experience with medicine a positive one, you can’t go wrong with these pill pockets.


  • The number one ingredient in these pill pockets for dogs is meat
  • They are easy to digest


  • These may be too big for small dogs to take in one bite
  • These may not fit two pills at once

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you give your dog pill pockets?
Pill pockets should be used to disguise the taste and image of pills and medication for your dogs.

Are pill pockets safe to use more than once a day?
Typically they are safe, but make sure to read the instructions to ensure that the pill pockets you choose can be eaten more frequently. You should also talk to your vet if your dog is on a restricted diet.

Do these work for all pill sizes?
Read descriptions thoroughly to be sure, but most pill pockets fit multiple sizes of pills and, in some cases, liquid medication.