The Best Retractable Dog Leashes

Retractable leashes are a great option for taking your dog out for long walks. They are especially useful when you go to the beach or forest because you can let your dog explore more freely while still having the ability to pull them back and keep them safe when necessary. For example, if another person comes towards you on a trail and you know your dog may be spooked, you can pull them back and move to the side so the others can pass, whereas if you let them off-leash, you may have struggled to recall them to you. To help you make the most of your walks, we have created this list of the best retractable leashes for you to check out.

TUG 360 Tangle-Free Retractable Leash

Tangle Free

Our Best Overall pick is a well-made retractable leash that won't trip you up or tangle around your dog.
Best Overall

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One of the issues often associated with retractable leashes is the tendency they have to tangle up or get stuck. What happens is your dog goes in a direction other than straight, which pulls the leash the wrong way and gets it tangled or stuck in a position that doesn’t allow you to bring them back. When you choose the TUG 360 Tangle-Free Retractable Leash, you can say goodbye to those problems.

This retractable leash comes in 3 sizes and works well for any dog up to 110lbs, making it easy to find the right fit for your pooch. The specially-designed Tangle Free 360 Degree Tape Movement ensures that no matter where your dog goes, you can always bring them back. Meanwhile, if you want to stop them from wandering, simply engage the easy-to-use lock feature.


  • This leash is available in 4 sizes so you can choose the right one for your dog
  • There are several colors and styles to choose from
  • It is affordably priced
  • No matter where your dog goes, you can always pull them back
  • The ergonomic grip and easy lock feature make using this leash comfortable


  • Sometimes, under heavy use, the leash can fray on the edges

EC TEAK Retractable Dog Leash

Safe and Reliable

Give your dog all the space they need with this long leash.
Best Long Leash

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The entire point of a retractable leash is to allow your dog more freedom than they can get with a traditional leash while still having control of how far they can go. That is why we love the extra-long length of the EC TEAK Retractable Dog Leash.

This leash reaches a whopping 16-26 feet based on which size you choose. It works well for any dog up to 110lbs, even those who tend to pull and try and run. The nylon leash is made of the same material as seatbelts, which ensures durability and strength. Thus, this is another great option for larger dogs. When you do need to stop your dog, simply engage the safe and reliable quick-lock system. Overall, this is an excellent choice for long walks and adventures.


  • The anti-slip handle is comfortable and fits well in any sized hand
  • You will appreciate the strength and durability of this leash when compared to others
  • Your dog can walk and wander further with this leash than with competitors
  • The brake system is strong and simple, making it easy to use
  • It is great for dogs all the way up to 110lbs


  • Sometimes this leash can become stuck or tangled when your dog moves off to one side or the other

UPSKY Retractable Dog Leash

Illuminate Your Path

The best option for late-night hikes and strolls comes from Upsky.
Best Night Leash

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We love walking at night. It’s peaceful, quiet, and a great time to train your dog. At night, you’re less likely to run into other people or animals which minimizes distraction but you’re still able to expose your pooch to new sights and sounds. That is the perfect combination for anxious dogs or those with reactive issues. Of course, your leash choice can really make a big difference. We love the UPSKY Retractable Dog Leash for our nighttime strolls.

This leash is made with heavy-duty materials for durability and safety for both you and your pet. We love that the included flashlight is already equipped with batteries, as well, because it allows you to use it right away. The easy-to-use one-button locking system gives you full control of your furry friend so you can pull them back quickly and easily whenever the need arises, making it an excellent choice for training.


  • The price is super affordable
  • An included flashlight helps to show you where you are going so you can stay safe
  • All durable materials are used to ensure this leash lasts a while
  • It is comfortable to carry and use
  • The braking is quick and works well to keep your dogs safe


  • This leash is only rated for dogs up to 33lbs

Ruff ‘n Ruffus Retractable Dog Leash

Heavy Duty

A sturdy leash that can hold dogs of all sizes.
Most Durable

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It can be really tough to find a high-quality retractable leash for larger dogs. Most are only rated for small and medium dogs, and even the ones that are meant for large dogs tend to be flimsy and easy for your dog to break. This is not the case when you choose the Ruff ‘n Ruffus Retractable Dog Leash.

This heavy-duty leash is excellent for dogs up to 110lbs. Other leashes may say they reach that weight, however, they often snap or break when that large of a dog pulls just a little. That won’t happen with this one. We love that you can really trust that this leash will work as intended without snapping, breaking, or getting tangled and stuck.


  • This leash includes a coordinating collapsible bowl, tag light, and bag holder for your convenience
  • It easily brakes and locks in place with a simple click of a button
  • The overall design makes this leash easy to carry and comfortable to hold
  • Use this leash for dogs up to 110lbs with full confidence
  • It is available in 2 colors


  • The leash itself is only 16 feet long

Emoly Tangle-Free Retractable Leash

Effective and Affordable

This option from Emoly is a well-made leash that fits into any budget.
Best on a Budget

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There are a ton of products made for dogs and many of them cost ridiculous amounts of money. We also know that it can be hard for some people to financially provide the things they would like for their pets. That is why we wanted to bring you the Emoly Tangle-Free Retractable Leash.

This leash is super affordable, however, you aren’t losing any of the functionality you have come to expect. It has a strong lock and braking system, a safe and durable handle to keep your hands comfortable while walking, and a strong leash that remains tangle-free while walking. The leash itself is reflective for added safety while walking at night, as well. Overall, this is an excellent choice for anyone on a limited budget.


  • The price is extremely affordable
  • Available in 2 colors to match your style
  • A reflective leash ensures people will see you and your dog while walking
  • It doesn’t tangle or get stuck during use
  • The handle is lightweight and comfortable to hold


  • This leash only accommodates dogs up to 33lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

When are retractable leashes appropriate?

Retractable leashes are versatile and may be used in a wide range of situations. They are great for long walks in the country or rural settings, and they are especially awesome for giving your dog space during hikes. However, they are not a good choice when you will be around many dogs and people. This is because if your dog goes too far, the leash could trip someone or get wrapped around someone, which can be dangerous.

Should I use a retractable leash as a training tool?

Retractable leashes are excellent training tools, especially when practicing things like recall or other obedience commands when you are around other people. You never want to let an unreliable dog off-leash before they are ready, so a retractable leash gives you the space you need without relinquishing control.