The Best Reptile Heat Lamps

Since reptiles are cold-blooded, placing one under a heat lamp could seem counterproductive, but it's actually vital for the reptile's health. Reptiles rely on warmth to regulate their body temperature. Everything from their digestive process to their blood circulation to their immune systems relies on warmth. That's why reptile owners need to ensure that their reptile's habitat has a high-quality heat lamp. Different reptiles require different kinds of lamps and temperatures, making it hard to choose the right one for you. In this piece, we hope to give you a little clarity on what kind of heat lamp works best for you and your pet, so read on to discover a few of our favorite picks.

Dadypet Reptile Heat Lamp

Take the heat

Dadypet's affordable lamp and lamp-holder combo set can provide your reptile with all of the UVA and UVB rays that they need to live a long, healthy life.
Best Overall

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All reptile owners know that monitoring your reptile’s heat exposure is essential to their well-being. With too much or too little heat, serious health problems can arise. Dadypet’s reptile heating lamp is an effective way to ensure that your reptile is getting enough heat. This reptile heat lamp provides necessary UVA (visual light) and UVB (vitamin production) waves for your reptile buddy to bask and relax in. Dadypet’s heat lamp works by emulating the light and heat of the desert climates from which most of these reptiles originate. If you want to make your reptile truly feel at home, Dadypet’s heat lamp is an excellent place to start.


  • Provides UVA and UVB waves essential for your reptile’s health
  • 360-degree rotatable lamp
  • Easy installation


  • The clamp doesn’t fit well on certain objects

Cullen Infrared Reptile Heat Lamp

Impressive infrareds

Cullen's highly customizable infrared reptile heat lamps provide direct heat to your pet while effectively warming the air within the cage.
Best Infrared

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Infrared reptile heat lamps like this one from Cullen are highly efficient at both warming your pet and warming the air in the cage. Infrared heat lamps have been known to increase blood circulation, expedite wound healing, and improve your reptile’s appetite and metabolism. This lamp is ideal for nighttime because it can emit nourishing UVB rays without the light turned on. It doesn’t matter if you’re caring for a snake, turtle, or lizard, because Cullen’s heat lamp can accommodate them all. On top of all that, infrared heating bulbs such as these tend to last longer than incandescent alternatives thanks to their ideal heat radiation signature.


  • Improves the health of your pet
  • Can emit nourishing UVB rays in low-light situations
  • Can accommodate all kinds of reptiles


  • The bulbs don’t have the longest lifespan

Wuhostam 100W Ceramic Heat Lamp (Two-Pack)

Soak in the rays

Wuhostam's heavy-duty ceramic bulbs offer first-rate infrared heating and easy installation.
Best For Snakes

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Wuhostam offers up a two-pack of powerful 100W infrared bulbs made of solid black ceramics. We love this pick for nighttime heating because the high-wattage infrared beams enable a heat lamp to emit UVB rays without lighting up the cage. UVB rays provide essential vitamins to your reptile, and doing this as they sleep is a great way to ensure they’re getting enough nourishment. These bulbs are reliable and powerful enough to be used as a 24-hour light source, too. You can install each bulb simply by screwing it into a standard porcelain E27 screw socket.


  • Two-pack of high-quality infrared ceramic bulbs
  • Emit UVB rays while the light is off or low
  • You can use it as a 24-hour light source


  • It gets very hot near the bulb

Repti Zoo Dual Reptile Heating Light Fixture

Double Trouble

Repti Zoo's dual-bulb heat lamp with independent power switches is the ideal choice for reptile owners with more than one pet.
Best Dual-Bulb

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For reptile lovers, very rarely is it enough to just own one pet; rather, it’s common to see large terrariums housing two or more reptiles. This dual-bulb reptile heating fixture from Repti Zoo is the perfect pick for owners who can’t just stop at one reptile pet. Each 150W bulb emits UVB and UVA rays all day, along with featuring daylight and nightlamp features. The infrared spot lamp feature allows you to target a specific spot inside the cage, such as a hideaway nook that you can’t get your scaly pal to pop his head from. Luckily, both of these bulbs operate independently. If you ever need to shut one of the lights off, there’s a dedicated switch you can use that doesn’t affect output on the other bulb at all.


  • Dual-bulb reptile heating fixture
  • Ideal for owners with multiple pets
  • Bulbs turn on/off independently


  • Leaving both lights on for extended periods of time might be too much for some reptiles

Omaykey 75W Ceramic Heat Lamp (Two-Pack)

Sizzling ceramics

This non-invasive ceramic reptile heat lamp from Omaykey provides the UVA and UVB light your reptiles need to thrive.
Best Ceramic Bulb

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Reptiles rarely share the same sleep schedules as their owners, and they’re often liable to change. Luckily, with Omaykey’s 75W ceramic reptile heat lamp, you can provide your reptile with the heat they need no matter what their bedtime is. That’s because Omaykey’s ceramic reptile heat lamp can produce UVB rays without any light turning on that could potentially disrupt your pal’s sleep cycle. Best of all, this two-pack of heat lamp bulbs boasts an incredibly long lifespan. Each bulb can get between 9,000–15,000 hours of use, making this pick one of the best value purchases on the market.


  • Bulbs provide UVB rays without disrupting your pet’s sleep cycle
  • Each bulb boasts 9,000-15,000 hours of use


  • They might not be as effective in larger terrariums with multiple reptiles

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between UVB and UVA?

UVB rays are able to stimulate the production of much-needed vitamins for your reptile, such as vitamin D3. The light can be off or extremely low when a lamp is emitting UVB rays. Just as long as the heat is up high enough, your reptile will get its UVB nourishment. UVA rays, on the other hand, are the visible light rays that come from the reptile heat lamp. UVA rays help regulate instinctual behaviors such as sleep, mating, and feeding.

Do different reptiles need different heat lamps?

They don’t necessarily need different heat lamps, but in certain cases, they could use different settings. For instance, one kind of lizard might need the heat lamp on all night, whereas a snake might despise sleeping in the heat. Be sure to research the specific heating needs of your pet before purchasing.