The Best Rabbit Hutches

Rabbits make for the sweetest pets – even if they are sometimes a little resistant to cuddles. And while we'd all love to snuggle with them, the truth is that rabbits require their own homes. Whether an indoor or outdoor rabbit, domesticated rabbits require safety and security. With proper space and an enclosure for running around, rabbit hutches can be a wonderful option for a rabbit home. Ones that are too small without proper room are considered cruel. Instead, opting for a spacious design with both a hutch and an enclosed area for free running is the best option. Here are some of our favorite hutches to use in conjunction with proper exterior space.

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch

Safe, secure, and durable

This well-built rabbit hutch is safe, secure, and durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use.
Best Overall

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This mini-mansion is ideal for pampering your sweet little bunny. Including some stellar extras, this rabbit hutch has plenty of space for one or two rabbits. With a removable tray for proper cleaning, a gradual ramp, and ample airflow, this cozy little hutch moves on wheels for easy rotation around the yard. Thoughtfully designed with safety in mind, it features tough metal meshing, secure doors, and a sturdy design that keeps intruders out and your bunny safely tucked inside.


  • Weather-resistant asphalt roof
  • Multiple levels, with the sleeping quarters on top for safety
  • Two of the six wheels lock for extra stability


  • Made from soft fir wood, which rabbits are known to chew on
  • Best for smaller rabbits

Aivituvin Upgrade Rabbit Hutch

Compact yet roomy

Although compact, the design of this hutch allows for a roomy interior feel, ideal for one rabbit to live safely tucked inside.
Best For Smaller Spaces

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With a compact design that’s built up rather than out, this rabbit hutch is ideal for smaller spaces. Yet, it doesn’t compromise when it comes to safety or cleanliness. In fact, this is one of the better designs, regardless of space, due to the attention to cleanliness. With a metal wire netting above the bottom tray, rabbit droppings can go directly into the tray without the fear of build-up in their actual living space. Featuring tough latches, durable mesh, and compartments that make bunny care easy, this hutch doesn’t cut corners.


  • Quality stainless steel hardware
  • Sliding doors for optimal separation during hutch cleaning
  • Deep plastic tray that’s easy to keep the waste area clean and sanitary


  • The ramp is a bit steep
  • The compartments are tricky to handle for children

Gutinneen Indoor Rabbit Hutch

Ideal for indoors

With removable netting and a safety ramp to exit, this hutch is ideal for indoors.
Best Indoor

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Compact but still with plenty of space, this is the ideal hutch for an indoor rabbit. Although also fine for the outdoors, there are a few key design features that help this rise above the rest for an indoor space. Mainly, the deeper tray. Resistant to leaks, it’s super easy to slide out and keep the bunny’s interior home clean. With a ramp that attaches to the exterior, Bunny can leave their hutch and come and go as they please. Safe latches, multiple levels, and a stylish aesthetic all help to make this an ideal indoor rabbit hutch.


  • Easy to assemble
  • The stylish look can double as shelving on the roof for optimal utilization of indoor space
  • Toxic-free varnish is safe for kids and pets


  • Only best for one rabbit
  • The wood is very soft

PawHut Outdoor Triangular Wooden Bunny Hutch with Run

Ready to run

This mini rabbit hutch is ideal as a second home for your bunny – one that allows for outdoor time, with access to grass.
Best Run

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Like a mini A-frame for your rabbit, this triangular hutch is made with durable cedar and powder-coated steel wire, making this an optimal outdoor hutch. The best part? The built-in run. Designed to move about the yard, this hutch sits on the ground for access to dirt and grass. It’s lightweight enough to move around the yard, yet durable enough to withstand rain, wind, and sun. In fact, the small home is waterproof itself, allowing for Bunny to stay safely tucked under shelter should there be a need.


  • The triangular shape is ideal for all-weather protection
  • Run system allows for access to freedom of movement and exposure to a bunny’s natural environment
  • Built from cedar, which is resistant to mold, rot, and elemental wear and tear


  • This is a small hutch, designed for one small rabbit
  • Not for leaving rabbits unattended

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hutches safe for rabbits?

Although domestic rabbits are definitely not the same as wild hares, their need for space is still an absolute requirement for their keeping. One rabbit needs at least 24 square feet of exercise space for at least five hours per day. A hutch is perfectly fine for the home, but an additional run space is vital for the optimal health and well-being of a rabbit.

Should domesticated rabbits be kept outside year-round?

If you live in a colder climate, it’s best to keep domesticated rabbits in a safe enclosure, such as a barn, a shed, or the indoors. You should also provide them with ample outdoor free time in an enclosed run, but make sure they come back inside to the warmth.