The Best Indoor Dog Fences

Having a dog means we get the pleasure of watching them run around, play, and wag their tails. However, maybe not every room needs to be their personal play space. Tails knock over glasses, pawprints can stain, and most items of household furniture can become your best friend’s favorite chew toy. That’s why it’s a smart choice to have a dog fence or two laying around. Whatever the case may be, let’s dive in and take a look at some of the best indoor dog fences on the market.

MyPet Portable Dog Gate

Safety for your dog and home

This easy-to-install gate is the perfect choice for you and your dog.
Best Overall

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Let’s face it, if we could let our dogs run amok and lounge on every piece of furniture without causing any wear and tear, we would. But alas, sometimes their jovial nature can prove destructive. MyPet knows this, and that’s why they’ve come up with this gate that’s durable, safe, and requires zero tools to install. Plus, it’s easy to set up, take down, and won’t ruin your walls or floors. As a bonus, the Light Gray finish complements almost any décor.


  • No tools required
  • The color blends well with most decors
  • Plastic is strong and durable
  • Easy to mount and then disassemble


  • The locking mechanism can be difficult to work with
  • Not ideal for every door frame

PetMaker Foldable Free-Standing Wooden Gate

Ideal for smaller dogs

Lightweight and wooden, this gate is the perfect choice for your smaller pup.
Most Versatile

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This gate will have your pup contained and still allow them to feel like they’re part of the action. Portable and lightweight, this item simply folds out and doesn’t need to be wedged into any door frame, making it the ideal choice for smaller dogs who won’t barrel through and knock it over. Adding to the appeal is the fact that it fits into most closets when not being used.


  • A great choice for smaller dogs
  • Doesn’t need to be fitted to a doorframe
  • Folds up and can be easily stored away
  • Mahogany stained wood


  • Not suitable for larger breeds
  • The wooden surface is not always smooth and might cause splinters

Carlson Extra-Wide Walk-Through Pet Gate

Includes walk-through door

This hassle-free blockade easily opens and closes while mounted to the wall.
Most Convenient

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Pressure-mounted, this gate is a safe bet for long-term use. Constantly putting a fence up and taking it down can prove tedious after a while, especially if there’s a room that’s permanently off-limits to your pet. If that’s the case, Carlson has you covered. Requiring no tools to assemble, this fence can extend up to 4 inches for those wider door frames or stairways, and if you need to get through, there’s an easy-latch door that opens right up. Convenience really is key with this item.


  • Convenient for long-term use
  • Extends up to 4 inches for longer archways
  • No tools required
  • Equipped with a walk-through door


  • The latch isn’t always aligned properly
  • Metal bars can bend easily

Pawland Wooden Freestanding Gate

Stylish fence blends right in

Fashionable and functional, this gate easily effortlessly blends with your home’s décor.
Most Fashionable

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An indoor dog fence can serve more than just one purpose, and Pawland knows that. Therefore, they’ve come up with a 3-in-1 design that can act as a gate, room divider, and pet pen. With a contemporary wood finish, this item stands out in all the right ways, giving your home a modern touch in the process. Free-standing, this gate also folds up, making it easy to store.


  • Can be used for more than just a blockade
  • Wood finish
  • Arrives completely assembled
  • Folds into a Z-shape, making it compatible with most rooms


  • Lightweight so can be easily moved by bigger dogs
  • Not the sturdiest of gates

Pawland Extra-Wide Dog Gate

Perfect for wide doorways

Pawland has you covered for those wide doorways and staircases.
Most Spacious

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Not everyone has a standard-sized doorframe or a regular-sized staircase. That’s okay because Pawland knows that every home is different, which is why they have this sprawling 144-inch gate that’s perfect for those larger spaces. There’s even a small door to walk through, which only adds to the convenience. Because this item is so wide, it can also be folded into a playpen for your four-legged best friend.


  • Perfect for larger spaces
  • Built-in door
  • Can serve as a playpen
  • Solid wood frame with a wire interior


  • Not ideal for larger breeds
  • Hinges on the door are not the most durable

Frequently Asked Questions

What are certain things I should look for when purchasing an indoor dog fence?

There are a few things you’ll want to keep an eye out for. If your pet is on the larger side, it’s recommended to get a taller gate, preferably one that can fasten to archways or staircases. With smaller breeds, however, you can safely get away with a shorter, freestanding gate that can easily fold away and fit in your closet. Some of these gates are designed for durability while several others focus on aesthetics. Reading the reviews will help give you a sense of what might be the right gate for your best friend.

Will these gates damage floors and doorways?

With rubber padding and soft floor grips, these gates should keep your home safely intact and scrape-free. Even the free-standing gates have smooth bottoms, so most options glide easily without leaving scuff marks.