The Best Female Dog Diapers

Whether you have an old pooch or a pup, dog diapers may be a smart option for your household and your dog's health. Dog diapers are made for both males and females, but owners tend to buy them for female dogs more frequently. Before you can have your female puppy spayed, she'll begin to menstruate, which can obviously cause a mess around the house if you don't take the proper precautions. Not to mention, older female dogs tend to have issues with incontinence as they age. Whatever your canine hygiene needs may be, our list of the best female dog diapers around is here to help you and your dog feel more safe and comfortable.

Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers

Wash away worries

Wegreeco's washable diapers offer a reliable and affordable way to keep your house free of pet stains.
Best Reusable

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Whether you want to protect your carpets from a rambunctious puppy in heat or you’re looking for something to help with your older dog’s incontinence, Wegreeco’s diapers can get the job done. Each diaper consists of a multi-layered diaper pad that provides excellent absorption, protecting your home from any doggie accidents. The leak-free outer layer is breathable and light while still offering a solid last line of defense against leakage. The diapers come in five different sizes and eight different designs, so no matter what size your furry friend is, these handy diapers will be able to accommodate her.


  • Washable dog diapers with great absorption
  • Multi-layered diaper pad
  • Five sizes and eight designs


  • They’re not as good at taking care of poo as they are at containing urine

Paw Inspired Disposable Small Dog Diapers

Perfect for puppies

Save your carpets from deep stains with these disposable puppy diapers from Paw Inspired.
Best For Puppies

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Small dogs make for excellent companions. They love jumping up onto our couches and our laps just as much as we love to have them there with us. Unfortunately, for puppies in heat and older pooches with incontinence issues, this can mean a lot of stains on the furniture. With Paw Inspired’s disposable small dog diapers, you can say goodbye to pesky stains and frustrating clean-ups for good. If your dog has frequent problems with going number two in the house, these disposables are a great alternative to washable diapers that might stain or be difficult to clean. These provide a secure fit around the waistband that will stay secure no matter what your dog gets up to during the day.


  • Great disposable diapers for small dogs
  • Secure waistband
  • Great at containing solid waste


  • More expensive over time than washable alternatives

Paw Inspired Disposable Big Dog Diapers

Doggie disposables

Take care of your older canine companions with Paw Inspired's ultra-comfortable, disposable diapers for big dogs.
Best For Large Dogs

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According to the Veterinary Medical Association, dogs weighing above 33 pounds are seven times more likely to develop incontinence issues as they age. Paw Inspired’s female diapers for big dogs are one of the best ways to protect your pooch and your home from continued accidents. These female dog diapers are leak-proof, providing multiple layers of absorption so you never have to worry about residual wetness. And they’re able to accommodate many different breeds, including those with atypical body shapes like Dachshunds, Yorkies, and bulldogs.


  • An excellent choice for older dogs or big puppies
  • Multi-layered absorption
  • Compatible with virtually all dog breeds


  • Not as environmentally-friendly as washable alternatives

Leekalos Reusable Washable Female Dog Diapers Three-Pack

Cute and clean

Leekalo offers a wide variety of sizes and designs for its affordable collection of washable female dog diapers.
Best Designs

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Washable female dog diapers are an excellent choice for owners looking to save a little money and be eco-conscious in the process. Designed to help you do just that, these diapers from Leekalos also offer top-notch absorption along with some fashionable design options. Four layers of fleece material in the lining can absorb any accidents before they reach the leak-free exterior shell. The reliable Velcro straps on the waistband keep the diaper firm and secure through all of your dog’s daily movements. Leekalos provides five specific sizing options, making it simple for any dog owner to find the diapers that best suit their needs. Not to mention, there are also three cute design options to choose from.


  • Five sizing options to choose from
  • Reusable, so it save money over disposable alternatives
  • Three cute design options


  • Washing them may become a pain if your dog goes number two in them frequently

CuteBone Female Reusable Dog Diapers Three-Pack

Durable diapers

CuteBone's female dog diapers provide excellent absorption along with a bevy of fun designs for owners to choose from.
Best Absorption

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CuteBone offers some stunning design options for the more fashion-forward dog owners among us. With a whopping 18 design packs to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that you and your dog will be over the moon about. Each three-pack contains three different designs in the same theme, including multiple tri-colored floral and all-over print designs. But these diapers aren’t all style and no substance. They utilize a sewn-in diaper pad that houses a dense mesh fabric, which offers exceptional absorption. On top of that, the durable waterproof outer shell ensures that any residual wetness won’t make it anywhere near your carpets or furniture.


  • 18 cute designs to choose from
  • An affordable three-pack
  • Reliable waistband straps


  • The sizing runs a bit big

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell that my dog is in heat?

When your dog is in heat, you’ll begin to notice several behavioral changes. Common signs include frequent urination, changed urination stance, an increase of fatigue or sluggishness, and a swollen vulva. Dogs in heat want to find male partners, so be wary of attempts at running away. These changes in behavior precede your dog’s period, which can last up to 21 days. Discharge from periods varies from dog to dog; some dogs hardly have any, and some dogs have a lot. Be sure to stock up with female dog diapers once you notice your dog exhibiting these behaviors.

When do older dogs develop incontinence issues?

It depends on the breed and health of the dog, but dogs tend to develop incontinence when they reach middle age. For large dogs, this is five or six years old. Smaller dogs, who tend to live longer, become middle-aged at nine or ten.