The Best Dog Kennels

When used humanely, a dog kennel can be a safe haven for your pooch. It gives your dog a secure place to hang out while you're at work, out with friends, or sleeping. It's also a great retreat where your best friend can escape to when your house gets loud or overstimulating. On top of that, a kennel can really help to make house training a breeze. To help you find the perfect kennel for your pooch, here are a few of the best ones available on the market today.

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Safe and Secure

Your dog will feel like it's in a cozy den with this dog kennel.
Best Overall

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This durable dog kennel has the features you need to make sure your dog stays safe and comfortable. The heavy-duty slide latch will prevent Buster from escaping, and the sides are rounded, so there aren’t any sharp corners or edges to worry about. You can select from seven different sizes, so you’ll be able to find one that’s right for your dog.

No matter which size you go with, you’ll also get a divider for your kennel. This helps you save money as your dog grows. You can simply block off part of the kennel when your puppy is small, and slowly expand it as he gets bigger. Rather than having to introduce him to a new space (which can be stressful), let his kennel be a place that he can retreat to throughout the duration of his life.


  • Designed with roller feet and a washable drip pan to help protect your floors from the kennel
  • Strong plastic handle on top so you can move the kennel around easily
  • Folds down and sets up easily, giving you more time to play with your dog


  • The slide latch doesn’t have the traditional L shape that can make it more secure; rather, it’s just a straight sliding bar that some dogs may be able to figure out

AmazonBasics Portable Folding Soft Dog Kennel

Along for the Ride

This soft-sided dog kennel folds compactly so you can easily bring it along with you on adventures to give your dog a home away from home.
Best Soft Kennel

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If you’re bringing your pet on an adventure, you might want to bring a kennel along to serve as a safe haven for Lola. This soft-sided dog kennel from AmazonBasics will do the trick. It folds compactly, so it won’t take up much space in the car. Then, when you arrive, you can set up in seconds, so you can quickly get your dog situated before the stress starts to set in.

Thanks to this one’s design, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your pooch while she’s inside. There are mesh windows on three sides, so you can look in and your dog can see out. These windows also provide ventilation, so your dog will have plenty of access to fresh air.


  • Soft sides that won’t scratch you or your dog
  • Several sizes available to help you find the perfect one for your dog
  • PVC frame that’s lightweight and durable so the dog kennel keeps its shape


  • No carrying handles when it’s set up, so you can’t use it to carry your dog around.

New Age Pet ecoFLEX

Easy on the Eyes

You don't have to choose between function and aesthetics with this dog kennel.
Best Multi-Purpose

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Some dog kennels are a little unsightly, but that’s certainly not the case with this one. It’s made from a non-toxic recycled plastic that looks great. In fact, it looks just like a side or end table, so it won’t look out of place in your living room, but instead of keeping magazines or newspapers inside, it’s a cozy retreat for your furry friend. This design kills two birds with one stone: you give Charlie a place to snooze in the living room without having an unsightly crate cluttering up the space. Oh, and what’s more, this dog kennel is easy to assemble and you won’t need any tools to put it together.


  • Clear directions for assembly so that you can get it put together quickly
  • Looks like a regular piece of furniture, so it’s multi-functional
  • Made from eco-friendly materials you can feel good about buying


  • If your dog isn’t used to being in a crate, this isn’t a good first option. It’s made from a material that can be chewed through and isn’t as secure as some of the other models. It’s definitely designed for dogs who are already crate-trained.

Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Kennel

Have Pet Will Travel

This dog kennel meets the cargo requirements set by most airlines.
Best for Travel

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Is an airplane ride in your dog’s future? Make sure your pet stays safe and comfortable by picking up a kennel that meets airline requirements like this one. The latch is easy to open, so you can get your dog inside quickly. Once in the kennel, your pup will have plenty of access to fresh air since there are ventilation side vents.

This dog kennel has other travel-friendly features as well. It’s made from durable, lightweight plastic so it’s easier to transport. Heavy-duty nuts and bolts secure the top of the kennel to the bottom so that it’ll stay in one piece throughout your travels. All in all, your dog will be as comfortable as one can be on an airplane inside a crate during the duration of the trip.


  • Designed with travel in mind, so it’s very portable and durable
  • Made from plastic, so there aren’t any sharp edges or corners to worry about
  • Sturdy handle that doesn’t feel like it’s about to break as you move this around


  • The back doesn’t have air vents, so if you’re going on long international flights, that could be a problem.
  • It doesn’t collapse, so it takes a lot of space to store; however, most airlines require non-collapsible kennels so that is also a good thing.

Zampa Portable Foldable Pet Kennel

Stop Your Pet from Running Off

You can easily set this dog kennel up when you're outside to give your pet a safe place to play.
Best for Outside Use

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While most dog kennels could also be called dog crates, this one is a little different. It’s more spacious and is designed to give your pet a safe place to play. You can easily set it up inside or out, so you can use it anywhere and know that your dog will have a space of its own.

This portable dog kennel has an attached bottom, so you don’t have to worry about your dog digging out and escaping. It also comes with a mesh top that you can leave open or shut. If you are there supervising your dog, it’s a good time to leave it open. If you’re going to be away, you’ll want to close it to keep your dog from jumping out. It’s a fun place for your pet to play, whether you use it while you’re at home or when you’re visiting others.


  • Four sizes available, each with a spacious area for your dog to explore
  • Pops up quickly and can be folded flat when you’re ready to move it
  • Outside pockets for keeping some puppy essentials handy


  • If your dog is a chewer, this isn’t metal and could be chewed through
  • Since it’s large inside, puppies that aren’t yet housebroken may decide to make part of it their bathroom. You’ll want to closely supervise and take your pup out regularly for potty breaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave my dog in a dog kennel?

One of the benefits of crate training your pet is that it provides a safe place for your dog to relax while you’re away. When your dog is used to being in the kennel, they can stay there for a few hours while you’re at work or out. However, you will need to ensure that your dog gets out regularly to stretch and use the bathroom. You don’t want your dog to feel forced to go potty in their crate.

What kind of dog kennel is best for active dogs?

If your dog has a lot of energy, you need to make sure you find a kennel that can hold up to the activity. Often, metal crates are preferred since the material is so durable. You dog won’t be able to bite through the metal bars and escape. No matter what style you go with though, you’ll need to make sure your dog is comfortable in the crate before leaving it alone.