The Best Dog Car Seat Covers

Dog owners love their dogs like they're a part of the family, but it's no big secret that they can be a hassle to travel with. Long car rides can make your canine companion restless, which can cause some serious damage to your car seats. Between slobber, pawprints, and scratched fabric, dog owners who frequently travel with dogs need a quick and easy solution to this doggie dilemma. Luckily, dog car seat covers are here to make your road trip a whole lot more comfortable and secure. Dog car seat covers encompass the entirety of your back seat with thick protective material meant to keep your car's interior safe from any mischief your dog might get up to back there. In this piece, we've outlined our favorite dog car seat covers to help you make your road trips safer and less stressful.

Active Pets Dog Car Seat Cover

Puppy protection

This heavy-duty, multi-layered protective cover ensures your car seats and floor stay safe and clean during long road trips with your dog.
Best Overall

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All dog owners know that long car trips with your dog can be a huge pain. There’s no telling what those little rascals might get up to while you’ve got your eyes on the road. That’s why Active Pets’ dog car seat cover is such a must-have product for dog lovers. This dog seat cover encompasses the entirety of your car’s back seat from the seats to the floor. The seat cover is made from a durable, multi-layered waterproof fabric that protects your car seats and floors from mud, shedding, scratches, slobber, and even urine. If you’ve got an unruly pup who continually makes your road trips unbearable, this pick from Active Pets is the product you’ve been waiting for.


  • Dog car seat that covers the entirety of your seats and floors
  • Multi-layered fabric that protects against stains and scratches
  • Gives your dog a more comfortable place to sit during long car rides


  • During the warmer months, the cover can get overheated

OkmeeĀ Convertible Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover

Canine canopy

Okmee's hammock-style dog car seat cover will make your dog feel just as safe as you do during car rides.
Best For Front Seats

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If you’re the kind of traveler who values versatility in your outdoor gear, Okmee’s convertible dog seat cover is the answer to your prayers. Most dog car seat covers serve as a backseat hammock that protects your car seats and floors. Okmee’s can do that, but it can also do so much more. This 4-in-1 dog seat cover can function as a backseat hammock, a bench-style cover, a front seat cover, and a cargo liner for an SUV trunk. With this kind of versatility, the Okmee dog seat cover can accommodate you and your canine pal on any type of road trip, with any number of people.


  • Highly versatile design
  • Includes mesh window and storage pockets
  • Durable waterproof material


  • The hammock option could be more sturdy

Active Pets Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover

Protect your investment

This waterproof, scratch-proof dog car seat cover from Active Pets is the best line of defense against nervous pups who can't stand car rides.
Best Value

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Despite all their flaws and foibles, we love our dogs dearly and would do anything to ensure their comfort and safety. A dog’s comfort and safety are particularly important when you’re out on the road. A hammock-style dog seat cover like this one from Active Pets can go a long way in making your nervous pup feel a lot more secure on your next road trip. This is a one-size-fits-all option that protects your car seats and floors from whatever mischief Buster might get up to, but it also provides him with a stable, level place to lie down on during car rides. What’s more, the cover is made of 600D Oxford waterproof cotton, so you never have to worry about accidents or slobber ruining your car seats.


  • A hammock-style cover that can make your dog feel safe on the road
  • Contains 600D Oxford waterproof cotton to protect against accidents and slobber
  • One-size-fits-all design


  • The fabric could be tougher; doesn’t offer the best protection against dogs who like to scratch

Cleebourg Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover

Smooth sailing

Your dog will be living on easy street on this comfortable and protective polyester dog car seat cover from Cleebourg.
Best Hammock Cover

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Dog car seats are primarily used to protect car seats and floors from doggie destruction, but they’re also instrumental in giving your dog a comfortable and secure place to lay their head during stressful car rides. Cleebourg’s hammock-style dog car seat cover provides your pooch with a comfortable and stable bench-like seat to rest easy on. Not only that, but it also features storage pockets near the front, which come in handy when your pup has human company in the back seat. We highly recommend this one to anyone looking for an affordable and effective way to keep their car and dog safe during long car rides.


  • Made of comfortable, waterproof 600D Oxford cotton
  • Features storage pockets
  • Quite affordable


  • Might be too small for large trucks or SUVs

YesYees Captain Seat Dog Car Seat Covers

Captain seat safety

YesYees's dog car seat covers are an excellent choice for those looking to protect their van or SUV's captain seats from overzealous pups on the road.
Best Captain Seat Covers

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Captain seat dog seat covers are frequently overlooked in this market, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not important. If you have a car or van with captain seats, the majority of dog car seat covers won’t suit your needs, but this one from YesYees is here to wipe your worries away. Included with your purchase are two separate seat covers made of non-slip, waterproof, and scratch-proof material. You can rest assured that these babies can handle whatever type of misbehaving your dog feels like throwing at them.


  • Offers protection to captain seats
  • Made of durable, waterproof, scratch-proof material


  • Zippers aren’t the most reliable

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sit on a car seat protector with my dog?

Yes, there’s more than enough room on the hammock-style dog seat covers for you to sit back there with your dog. The dog car seat covers leave empty slots for seat belts to come through, and some even offer storage pockets on the front panel to give passengers a place to store personal items.

Do these dog car seat protectors also work with cats?

Yes, they will work with cats. Keep in mind that a cat’s claws are much sharper than a dog’s, so the car seat cover might not last as long. Still, it should give you some level of defense against cat scratching, shedding, and accidents.