The 5 Best Rodent Repellents

Sometimes dogs bring unwanted pests into the house. Sometimes those pests bring more pests. When rodents get inside your house, they can become a real pain to get rid of. You may need some products to help you. You could use traps or poison, but those involve injuring or killing rodents and disposing of their dead bodies. Rodent repellents just repel rodents without killing them and send them scurrying out of your house and back to the wild where they belong. There are many chemical rodent repellents, but those could hurt your dog if they were to ingest those repellents. Hence we chose non-toxic repellents with natural ingredients, which will not pose a risk to your dog. Read on for our reviews of the 5 Best Rodent Repellents.

MDX Concepts Rodent Repellent

Repel Repel

This organic spray made from essential oils repels rodents without harming pets or humans.
Best Overall

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Our pick for the best rodent repellent is from MDX Concepts. It’s an all-natural, organic spray repellent. Chemical repellents might be effective on rodents, but they may also have negative effects on humans and their pets. Nothing to worry about with this one. This spray is made from completely plant-derived essential oils, which not only repels rodents but smells great as well. This spray is specifically designed to target rodents. They hate the smell and will run away from it. They won’t go near anywhere you spray this spray. Each spray lasts a while; it’s not like you have to constantly spray down your house. MDX Concepts is so confident in this repellent that they offer a 100 percent moneyback guarantee.


  • All-natural and organic
  • Made from essential oils
  • One spray is effective
  • 100% moneyback guarantee


  • Shipping packaging could be better

EarthKind Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent

Pouch Power

Drop this pouch anywhere and watch it keep rodents away.
Easiest to Use

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This is a fantastic rodent repellent from EarthKind. Fresh Cab is a pouch-based repellent. You place the pouch in the area you want to keep rodents out of, and the pouch does the rest. It slowly releases the essential oils inside, and those oils repel the rodents. The pouches last for 90 days each, so you really get a lot of use out of each pouch. Each pouch can cover 125 square feet, so they do cover a lot of ground. The primary ingredient is Balsam Fir oil, which is grown on family farms. This is the only botanical rodent repellent to be approved by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for pest control.


  • Easy application
  • Pouches last 90 days
  • Pouches cover 125 square feet
  • Approved by the EPA


  • Visible pouch

Mighty Mint Rodent Repellent

Mighty Anti-Mouse

This spray harnesses the power of peppermint to naturally repel rodents.
Best Smelling

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For another terrific spray repellent, check out this one from Mighty Mint. It’s made from peppermint essential oil, which has been proven to repel rodents. This spray is made from locally-sourced peppermint in the Pacific Northwest; it smells very nice to humans, but rodents can’t stand it. This spray is super concentrated, so it will remain effective for several days after you spray it. Spray it a few times in the area you want to keep rodents out of; repeat every few days, and keep rodents away. The spray is totally natural, so it is safe for people and pets.


  • Smells nice
  • Highly concentrated
  • Locally sourced


  • Must reapply every few days

Grandpa Gus’s Mouse Repellent

Grandpa's Got The Goods

This pouch repellent is scientifically designed to repel mice.
Best For Mice

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For a repellent specifically targeting mice, consider this one from Grandpa Gus. It is scientifically designed to strike the mouse’s primal senses and olfactory system, and send the mouse running. Grandpa Gus’s is a pouch repellent, so it is very easy to use. The pouches don’t make any mess and don’t require any cleanup. Just throw them out when they’re done; they typically last for three months and have a repelling range of 125 square feet. The pouches are filled with earth minerals infused with cinnamon and peppermint essential oils, which slowly time-release to repel mice. The pouches are made and lab-tested in the USA, and they come with a 100% moneyback guarantee.


  • Scientifically designed for mice
  • No mess, no cleanup
  • Filled with earth minerals
  • 100% moneyback guarantee


  • Smell could be stronger for air-freshening purposes

PIC Rodent Repellent

Peel and Repel

Open one of these little packets, and watch the rodents run away.
Most Versatile

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PIC has made a terrific rodent repellent alternative to both pouches and sprays. These are little plastic packets filled with peppermint oil and cotton. To use, you peel back the foil cover and leave the exposed packet in the area where you want to repel rodents. They’re as easy to use as a cup of apple sauce. Each packet will repel rodents within 60 square feet, and they each last about 30 days. These packets are non-toxic and use natural ingredients to repel rodents, so you don’t have to worry about them negatively affecting people or pets. These packets are also very effective insect repellents, so take them with you on camping trips or other outdoor events in which you want to keep insects away.


  • Easy to open
  • Doubles as insect repellent
  • Peppermint oil and cotton


  • Must replace every month

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these repellents in my automobile?

Yes. If rodents have infested the engine compartment or the main cabin of your car, truck, or RV, use the repellent in the same way you would in the house, and they will take care of the rodent problem.

Are these repellents harmful to dogs?

No. All of the repellents we reviewed use natural ingredients that are not harmful to dogs, even if they eat the repellent.

How much of the repellent do I need?

This all depends on the area you are trying to cover, as well as the level of infestation. Check the product page for the area that the repellent covers. If you are trying to combat a high level of infestation, you’re going to want to use more of the repellent.