The Best Dog Doors

The beauty of a dog door is simple: it allows your pup access to the outdoors without you having to physically take part in bringing your dog and and out. Don't get us wrong; one of the best parts of sharing a life with a dog is romping about outside together. However, on days where you're out of time or you dog just wants to lay outside in the sunshine, it can be a wonderful thing to have a dog door. Choosing a dog door requires knowledge on safety, size, fit, and ease-of-use (as well as durability--your dog will likely be running in and out multiple times a day). These top 5 contenders for the best dog door make that choice a simple one.

PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door

The Ideal Dog Door by PetSafe

PetSafe's side entry door is a fantastic option for a dog door.
Best Overall

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PetSafe’s Wall Entry Pet Door has a variety of benefits that makes this the top choice for a dog door. First, wall entry pet doors have the added bonus of working along a wall situation, which is fantastic when the entry or side door is not ideal for the installation of a dog door. Second, the design of this product keeps energy-efficiency in mind, a common worry among those in the dog door market. And with controlled access, you’ll be able to fully control your pet’s access to both the indoors and outdoors.

This wall entry pet door can be installed into wood and most types of siding, including stucco and brick walls with a depth of 4.75′-7.25′ thick.


  • If walls are thicker than the above listed, extension kits are available (sold separately).
  • Fully controlled access
  • Durable


  • The vinyl flap is not a hinge-style door, meaning it must bend to open and close. In colder temperatures, this can become stiff.

PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Pet Door

Patio Sliding Pet Door

The ideal pet door situation for renters, PetSafe's Freedom Dog Door requires no cutting to put it in place.
Best for Sliding Doors

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Although this pet door received thousands of excellent reviews and costumers continue to rave about it, this is in the second spot on this list for one simple reason: not everyone has a door that fits this dog door. This aluminum pet door is made specifically with a patio door in mind, and because there is no cutting required, this is the ideal pet door for renters or for those who live in apartment situations.

Extremely durable, this energy-efficient, adjustable frame panel sliding glass pet door is incredibly convenient for those that have the correct doorway. You’ll need sliding tracks as seen with most patio doors, and beyond some measuring and quick-installation, you’ll have a door that allows for your dog to move in and out freely. Made from weather-resititant aluminum and tempered glass that’s shatter-resistant, the magnetic closure helps to keep your pet independent, yet weather and bugs outside where they belong.


  • Fully customizable
  • Comes in a variety of colors and sizes


  • Only works for track patio doors

BarksBar Original Dog Door

BarksBar Locking Dog Door

Durable and safe, with a 2-way lock, this is the ideal dog door for a traditional door.
Most Durable

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This sturdy, well-made dog door by BarksBar, is an ideal dog door for those that want a more traditional-style pet door but with some incredibly important upgrades. The magnetic closure of the heavy-duty vinyl flap means that the door will not warp due to temperatures or use, while the self-locking slide panel means easy access but with the ability to restrict use when necessary.

The telescope frame makes for an easy installation process, and due to it’s durability, it’ll last through multiple pets, high-usage, weather, and other extremes. As a bonus, this dog door has been tested and proven to be bite and chew proof.


  • 2-way locking sliding panel
  • Magnetic closures help keep flap in place and energy-efficient


  • The flap does not always catch on the magnetic closure properly.

PetSafe Plastic Pet Door

Simple and Streamlined

PetSafe's Plastic Pet Door is an excellent choice for a one-pet household.
Most Flexible Flap

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PetSafe’s Plastic Pet Door is an ideal pet door for the household that has either one pet, or only moderately uses a pet door. This fully customizable frame has a snap-on panel that has the ability to completely restrict use of the door when not in use. The vinyl flap is flexible, allowing for safe and comfortable entry and exit for your pet.

Easy directions and installation process (but does require cutting of your door), this dog door is appropriate for most doors with a thickness of 1/16″ to 1 3/4″.


  • Vinyl flap door is flexible, yet keeps bugs at bay.
  • Customizable frame to match color and decor


  • Not quite as durable as PetSafe’s aluminum version.

Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Pet Door

Dog Door on a Budget

This dog door manages to come in at a wallet-friendly price, but looks great and still gets the job done.
Best on a Budget

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Ideal Pet Products has created a fantastic dog door that is budget-friendly. Their Designer Series Plastic Pet Door with Telescoping Frame comes in multiple sizes (Small, Medium, Extra Large and Super Large), and features an impact-resistant frame and a perfectly sealed flap due to the floating bottom threshold, thermoplastic telescoping frame, and it’s flexible flap made from vinyl.

Installation is easy and comes fit with a tamper-proof mounting system. If you’re looking for a economical yet smart pet door, this is a great option.


  • ABS lock-out slide system for keeping pet contained.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Made in four different sizes, appropriate for pets from 2-120 pounds.


  • Door width not quite as wide as other similar dog doors

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dog doors allow wild animals to enter the house?

While yes, dog doors do have the unfortunate risk of allowing wild animals indoors, this does not typically happen. Wild animals tend to prefer to stay in the wild, and especially so if they smell the scent of humans and dogs at the threshold of a dog door. Most dog doors also have a locking system that allows you to control access. Thus, when the door is not in use, you can lock it, effectively keeping unwanted critters out.

Are dog doors burglar-proof?

If you have an alarm system installed in your house, a dog door will not lessen the security of your home. Furthermore, having a dog means that would-be break-ins are much less likely to occur: the sound of a barking dog is a fantastic deterrent to any burglars.