The 3 Best Dog Car Seat Covers

Taking Buster or Lola for a ride in your car can be a real treat for both of you. We've all seen the joyous look on a pooch as she pokes her head out of the car's window, feeling the fresh air on her face. But what we don't often consider is the mess that the pup is probably making in that car. If you want to bring your dog for ride-alongs while protecting your car's interior from loose hair, dirt, and mud, a car seat cover is a worthy investment. We've researched car seat covers that are specially designed for dogs, and found three of the best options.

Nac&Zac Waterproof Seat Cover

Nac&Zac Shall Get No Flak

Durable, well-priced, and easy to install, this one presents the ideal blend of value and function.
Best Overall

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Look, if you’re busy and only have a few minutes to do research before buying a dog seat cover, look no further. Nac&Zac’s waterproof seat cover happens to cover all the bases for most folks, and it’s very reasonably priced, too. The cover is easy to install and is meant to protect the entire back seat. It’s held in place by a system of loops and straps that clip to different parts of your car to provide multiple points of support. All excess material can be tucked into the cracks of the seats to keep the cover from sliding around. After it’s installed, you can simply leave it there permanently, vacuuming the fur off it every so often, and sticking it the washer when needed.


  • Machine-washable
  • High-quality clips
  • Rubber-gripped bottom holds in place


  • Too big for smaller cars
  • May block your line of vision of your dog

BarksBar Luxury

For the Frugal-Minded

If you're of the opinion that a seat cover is a seat cover is a seat cover, this one's for you. It's not the fanciest, nor the best, but it gets the job done for a reasonable price.
Best Value Pick

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While the more expensive alternatives out there are attractive purchases, you don’t have to dish out that much money to protect your car seats from damage and grime. In the spirit of saving money, we were drawn to BarksBar’s seat covers, which manage to look pretty darn good despite their low cost. Of course, looks are only part of the equation here. As for performance, they’re actually better than you’d expect for the price. Their “luxury” car seat cover, which is designed for cars, trucks, and SUVs, has become immensely popular in recent years. It’s fairly straightforward and similar in form and function to its costlier competitors. We like that you can simply toss it in the wash when it’s a bit grungy. If you don’t plan on taking your dog along in the car frequently, this is a great pick.


  • Free of heavy metals and AZO dyes
  • Can be converted to hammock-style cover
  • Colors blend well with most interiors


  • Straps stretch over time

Kurgo Half-Seat Dog Hammock

Kurgo Lets the Fur Go

Known for the high quality of their products, Kurgo has designed an easy-to-clean hammock-style model that only takes up half of the back row.
Best Hammock-Style

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Kurgo has won a loyal following from its many customers after building a reputation on the quality of their products. This particular model is one of their most popular, and we think it’s unique enough to make it onto our list. This hammock-style design is ideal for those with an undisciplined or otherwise energetic dog who can’t help but try to get into the front seat while you’re driving. In contrast to other models, this one is designed to totally block your dog’s access to the front. Also, rather than take up the whole back seat, this one creates a partition so that it only occupies half of the back row. If you have a baby in a car seat, or simply want to keep the other seat in the back row unoccupied, Kurgo’s half-seat cover is a great pick.


  • Great for undisciplined dogs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Zippered seatbelt slots


  • Doesn’t protect side edges of the seat well
  • A bit slippery

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these car seat covers restrict the use of seat belts?

No, not if you follow the instructions correctly. Most car seat covers today are designed to be installed and forgotten, rather than being reinstalled every time they’re needed. So, they need to be designed with the assumption that people will be sitting on them even when there’s no pooch in the car. Because of that, they’re specifically engineered not to obstruct the seat belt. Still, there are some exceptions. Always make sure that the cover you buy makes specific mention of seat-belt accessibility.

What makes a car seat cover for dogs a good one?

A few factors come into play here. First and foremost is the material, obviously. Here, you should be concerned with both the strength of it and how well it deals with mud, dirt, and moisture. It may be a really strong material, but if it’s prone to clinging onto odors, it’s clearly not going to work. Also, it should be easy to clean when it does get dirty (which it will). Finally, you’ll want to consider the cover’s practical dimensions. You have to be sure that it’ll fit your car, and bonus points if it’s easy to install.