The Best Car Seats for Dogs

For dog owners who want to keep their dogs safe during car rides, just tossing them in the backseat isn't going to cut it. Smaller dogs especially are liable to get tossed around the car during a trip. Enter the dog car seat. It will keep your dog safe and secure. It will keep your dog comfortable. It will give your dog a view out the window. These things are awesome. It is vital that you choose a good one though. A poorly constructed one could collapse or come loose and put your pup in serious danger. If it's uncomfortable, your dog will hate it and drive you nuts. We reviewed dog car seats to find ones that are safe, easy to install and maintain, and will keep your dogs happy. Read on for our reviews of the best car seats for dogs

Pet Gear Lookout Booster Car Seat

A Booster Seat for Dogs

This sturdy car seat puts dogs high up so they can see out the window while they ride.
Best Overall

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If you have dogs that would like to enjoy the view while you drive, get them this car seat from Pet Gear. The Lookout is a car seat that was designed to put dogs high up so they can see out the car windows. The base of the seat is a sturdy foam and the cover is soft microsuede so your dog will be comfortable while resting on a solid foundation. The car seat is strapped in place with your regular car seat belts, making it simple and easy to install and remove. There are tethers to hold your dog so they can’t jump off or fall off during the car ride. There are two tethers to give you the option of strapping two dogs; there is enough room on the seat for two small dogs. The seat is easy to keep clean because the cover is removable and machine washable.


  • The high seat gives dogs a view
  • Easy to install with car seat belt


  • Not the softest cushion ever

Devoted Doggy Deluxe Dog Booster Car Seat

Strong On The Outside, Soft On The Inside

This car seat's strong metal frame keeps it rock solid while its soft plush liner keeps it nice and cozy for your pup.
Best Strength

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This is a wonderful dog car seat from Devoted Doggy. It has a strong metal frame that won’t bend or break. You can really count on it to hold up for the bumpiest of car rides and to last for years. It’s also collapsible, so this seat takes up very little space in your trunk or garage when you’re not bringing your dog in the car. The liner is soft plush, which makes for a very cozy ride for your dog. It removes for washing; note that you need to use the delicate cycle in the washing machine or wash by hand. This dog seat attaches to the car seat via two straps – one goes around the back of the seat and one goes around the headrest. They’re easy to attach, and they will hold the seat tight.


  • Durable metal frame
  • Soft plush liner
  • Great value for the price


  • Only for dogs 15 lbs or less

PetSafe Solvit Jumbo Pet Safety Seat for Dogs

Safety First

This crash-tested car seat features Safe-T-Core technology to keep your dog safe and sound.
Most Peace of Mind

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As you might guess from its name, PetSafe is a company that prides itself on the safety of its products. This car seat is made from rigid plastic panels that use Safe-T-Core technology to keep your dog safe. This seat has been tested in a crash-testing facility approved by the Department of Transportation. The tether that connects your dog to the seat has been tested up to 2,000 pounds of force. That’s safe.


  • Seat sports a quilted shell for comfort
  • Safe-T-Core technology
  • Crash tested in DOT-approved facility


  • Not quick to deconstruct and reconstruct

Cozy Boost Premium Quality Dog Booster Seat

An Adorable Seat for Adorable Dogs

This adorable dog seat hangs off the car seat and lets your pup ride in style in a sturdy metal frame with a soft fleece liner.
Best Looking

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This is a super cute dog seat from Stella and Bear. The thick fleece cover not only provides the utmost comfort for your canine, but it comes in the classic color coding for boys and girls – blue and pink. Under the fleece padding, the oxford fabric is water-resistant for easy cleaning. The frame is solid metal and will not collapse or break when in use. However, collapsing it for storage is easy.

Unlike other seats that have a tall base that rests on the car seat, this seat hangs off the headrest above the car seat. A second strap wraps around the seat’s back so the dog seat is tightly secured. Stella and Bear is a mom-and-pop business that donates regularly to animal rescues and shelters, so you can feel good about buying from them. They also have a 100% moneyback guarantee so you can always return it if you – or your dog – don’t like it.


  • Water-resistant
  • Soft fleece padding
  • Free collapsible dog bowl


  • Really need to pull straps tight to keep the seat in place

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the tether or safety strap attach to my dog’s collar?

It can, but we strongly recommend against doing that. In the event of a crash or an abrupt stopping short, it is possible that your dog could fly out of the collar or get choked by the collar if it is hooked into the strap. We recommend getting a vest harness and hooking the strap to that.

Is the seat big enough for my dog?

That all depends on the size of your dog. Always check the weight and size limits of the seat on the product page before ordering.

How do I keep the seat clean?

All of these seats have removable covers that are machine washable. So just pull off the cover, toss it in the washing machine (make sure you use the right cycle), dry it, and presto – you got yourself a clean car seat.