Is insurance worth it only for dogs with serious injury?


Is pet insurance only worth having if my dog develops a serious disease or has to have major surgery?


Actually, most claims for pets are small, in the $250-$500 range. Everyday medical problems and accidents, such as sprains, ear infections, and GI upsets cause a lot of frequent, but not too costly, expenses. Even with a $100 deductible, for example, plans might reimburse $320 on a $500 expense. Where pet insurance makes a real difference is on expenses over $1000, where most pet owners have simply not budgeted and are unprepared. Unlike a savings account, where it would take years to save $500 when depositing $35 a month into the account, pet insurance will provide immediate help and continue to help on as many problems that may develop. Some pets have lots of problems and others have fewe–you just never know.