What Are the Pros of Pet Insurance?


What are the pros of pet insurance?


Most plans include basic medical plan coverage, which helps with diagnostic tests, treatments, office visits, lab fees, prescriptions, hospitalization, X rays, and surgical procedures.

Pet insurance is not at all like people insurance: Typically, you can go to any vet, at any time. The vet will proceed based on what is best for your pet, and not what is dictated by the insurer. After the visit or the surgery, you fill out a short form, mail it in, and get your refund in the mail. Of course, the refund depends on the plan you chose.

Most plans are flexible, as you can add several options to the main plan.

My take on pet insurance? The owner of a Husky who needed knee surgery recently told me: “We have pet insurance for Sky. It’s the greatest investment we have ever made. That way, we don’t have to make medical decisions based on financial criteria.” There is no question in my mind that pet insurance is a great way to defray the cost of pet care. I have seen many situations where pet insurance was a lifesaver.

It is unfortunate that only 3% of pet owners have pet insurance. There are options for everyone. You can choose a plan that will pay for the less expensive things, like consultations and vaccinations. Or, you could pick a plan that will only help with the unexpected and the expensive: a pet with bloat, hit by a car, or who becomes paralyzed.

Some insurers offer a cancer rider, which is a great option for cancer-prone breeds, like Golden Retrievers.