KibbleTrek Travel Packs

Pet Product Review – KibbleTrek dog travel packs by Blue Dogg Innovation Marketing

Bluedogg Innovation Marketing and Media announces a major new product introduction to simplify traveling with your canine companion. KibbleTrek is a dog travel pack with the essential items needed for a day trip or an extended outing.

Two versions of the KibbleTrek travel packs are available: “go-DOG-go” and “Weekender”. Each insulated, zipped pack contains two super-sturdy food bowls with lids, one 4’ pet leash, pet wipes 8-pak, dog bone carabiner key chain, poopoo pick up-bags, 24-page “Tips for Travelling with your Pets” booklet, and a pet ID / emergency card. The dog owner simply supplies their pet’s favorite food. A water bottle, toys and treats can also tote along. The ‘go-Dog-go’ pack retails at $28, is perfect for a day trip, and also includes an insulated, detachable water bottle holder; while the larger Weekender can accommodate provisions for more than one dog or more needed supplies, and is perfect for a longer outing, and carries a $42 price tag.

“Innovation is a core commitment at our organization, and we’re excited to present these re-usable and sustainable products for travel convenience,” says product developer and Bluedogg CEO, Susan Patton. “I’ve spent many days traveling with my own three dogs, and before KibbleTrek, I was always searching for extra dog supplies, and rounding up the necessities in some sort of tote bag; and buying high-priced, small food packages. KibbleTrek make it easy to keep all of the needed supplies in one ready-to-go pack, and I can simply fill a container with the food I already have, eliminating wasteful packaging and over-paying for product, and we are ready to go!” The KibbleTrek dog pack contents are also available as individual items, for replacement, or additional supplies. The bowls and leash have a lifetime replacement warranty. One thing to note is the KibbleTrek logo represents a “passport” stamp look, and future travel products will carry on this same theme. As the number of dogs and dog-owning households across the U.S. continues to climb, Bluedogg’s new and forthcoming products will play a starring role in the pet-owner lifestyle market. The full range of products is available from on-line resellers, and specialty retail outlets. Also available at “”


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