To Go Car Travel Bowl

Pet Product Rewview – To Go Car Travel Bowl

Everyone knows that come summer time, one can spend as much time in their car as they do at home. And if you’re a dog lover, that means your dog goes with you. Now, I have to start with a common sense reminder, never, ever leave your pet alone in a car in the summer; period. But if you’re traveling by car with your dog then I”ve found a wonderful new product for you; The To Go Bowl. Its available by and is simply genious.

The To Go Travel Bowl provides a stable methiond of keeping your pet hydrated or fed while in the car. Here is a description from the FurryTravelers website:

The To Go Bowl fits conveniently into your car’s 3 to4 inch (standard and x-large) cup holder and comes complete with a splash guard and lid to reduce spilling. And,the design of the To Go Bowl allows for storage of treats or dry dog food in its removable base”

I just love this product and plan on buying one right away. The price is worth it at $19,99 and comes in a variety of 8 colors.

Go directly to their site to see a video and to order yours:

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