Embarrassing shedding, what to do?

Dear Labby,

I have a big sloppy Golden Retriever. He’s a great dog, but he sheds like crazy. Last week when my neighbor came by, she took one look at my blue couch and said, “Wow, do you still just have the one dog?” I don’t think she meant to be rude, the comment just slipped out. Labby, I do my best to keep both dog and house as clean as possible, but now I’m self-conscious around my neighbor. How do I politely explain to this pet-less person that shedding is part of the package?


Have Innocent Retriever Shedding Unstoppably There and Everywhere

Dear Have Innocent Retriever Shedding Unstoppably There and Everywhere:

Forget explanations – and embarrassment by your neighbors. Instead, fix the problem: Prevent massive shedding by capturing your dog’s flyaway hair before it leaves his body.

The Dyson Groom tool is part dog brush, part mini-vacuum. Bristles actually trap loose hair and dead skin – including allergens – as you brush. The tool’s built-in suction ensures that it all goes right into the vacuum. In fact, it was designed specifically for medium- to long-haired dogs like yours.

Think about it, H.I. R.S.U.T.E. You already brush your dog, right? Now you’ll be preemptively cleaning house at the same time! No more hair on the blue couch. Or for that matter, on the red carpet, or purple curtains, or black bedspread.

The Dyson Groom Tool: Arguably, the best invention since online etiquette columns.

Dyson Groom Tool