Project Puppy with Andrea Arden

Welcoming a puppy into the family is an occasion that calls for celebration as they bring with them the potential for endless joy, fun and love. But, puppy parenting is also a journey with some unique challenges. In addition to a whole lot of love, puppies require careful supervision, consistent attention to developmental priorities, and a family that has studied up on all it takes to fine tune their puppy parenting skills.

Prior to five months of age a pup can most readily absorb new information and rapidly acquire new skills. Puppy parents should make use of this critical period of development so as to help their pup start off on the right paw and reach their full potential. A good puppy parent guides their new canine family member using a gentle, motivation based approach to teaching and effective time management tools to establish good habits and prevent mistakes.

A lifetime with a friendly, cooperative canine begins with the puppy priorities; housetraining, socialization (teaching the puppy to enjoy a wide variety of people), gentling and handling exercises (getting the puppy accustomed to being handled in all the ways you will need to in order to care for them), learning to spend time alone, and manners. Puppy parents can count on finding helpful tips here each week that will enable them to achieve all their expectations for their new canine companion and make this a uniquely rewarding journey for the whole family.

-Andrea Arden

Andrea Arden is an animal behavior counselor, rescuer, author, speaker, and a resident pet expert on the Today Show. For more information, check out her website,

Project Puppy installments

Choosing a puppy
Preparing for your puppy

Becoming your puppy’s leader
Teaching your dog to be alone
Socialization and habituation

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