RESOLVE® Pet Stain Cleaner

Pet Product Review – Resolve Pet Stain Cleaner

My advise for the day: you have a puppy? Then you needResolvePet Stain Cleaner.


Everyone knows that puppies and kittens make little messes and accidents. That’s why you need a bottle of Resolve on hand at all time. It is great for getting the stains out that are caused by urine, feces and vomit. But did you know that Resolve also has an odor neutralizer that actually discourages pets from resoiling the same area?

Aside from pet stains, it works wonders on unforeseen stains such as when your pup knocks over a glass of red wine. This happened to me just last week when my friend Patrick came to visit. Not knowing rule #1 of puppy ownership “never put anything of value or prown to accidents on the floor”. Puppies come out from nowhere like a tornado. And in this case Patrick put his glass of wine on the floor where it subsequently got knocked over. I call that a pet accident.

Lucky for me I hadResolvePet Stain Cleaner.

It did take three sessions of spray cleaning but the wine stains came up and my rug was saved. I really recommend this product. You can get lots of information by going to the Resolve website.

I bought my 22 FL. OZ of Resolve Pet Stain Cleaner at Walgreens for $8.49. You can find it at nearly any quality supermarket.

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