SpotBeds Dog Bed Product Review


It’s that time of year. The temperatures have dipped and the pups want to stay curled up in bed under blankets all day long. It’s time to replace those old beds with new ones for the new year.

I got a SpotBed in the mail, which is my favorite way to shop.

I was initially impressed with its sturdy and solid appearance. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dog bed that looked so tough and strong and solid. I threw it on the floor near my computer desk and decided to let my dogs be the judges. They were drawn to the bed immediately because it was new, and they mushed down areas to make little spaces for themselves. I have several small dogs and a larger dog and they all love to cuddle together in one bed.


According to the website:

“SpotBeds was created by two bedding experts who wanted to bring their knowledge and experience  about what makes a good mattress to the pet bed industry. 

Most dog beds on the market are made with cheap materials that degrade rapidly. They’re not substantial enough or too hard. 

Enter SpotBeds. The proprietary memory foam fill will cradle your pet and provide the pressure relief they need. The chew resistant canvas cover is washable and durable enough to hold up over time. SpotBeds are so comfortable even humans have been using them as a body pillow!

SpotBeds is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. It’s owners are both dog lovers that genuinely care about your pet getting a good night’s sleep.”

I’ll tell you that my dogs absolutely love this bed. It’s now the most popular dog bed in our house and we have a lot of dog beds. Several in every room.


You can easily unzip the cover, wash it, and slide it back on with ease.

You don’t have a lot to loose because the makers of the bed offer a 30 day money back guarantee if your dogs don’t love it. The SpotBeds website says:

“If you and your pet aren’t satisfied, we’ll send you a free refund with free return shipping. “

You can buy SpotBeds through the official website: buy a SpotBeds now!

You can also buy SpotBeds on Amazon!