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Teaching dog confidence

Question: My dog rolls over submissively whenever a larger dog approaches. Should I teach him to be more confident, and if so, how? Answer: Your dog is telling the larger dog that he is no threat — a pretty safe tactic in my opinion. Your dog has assessed the situation and determined that he is […]

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Dog Names Dog Names By Theme

The most popular dog names for 2010 are in…

The nation’s most popular pet names for 2010 were announced today. According to pet insurance company VPI, the top ten dog names are as follows: 1.    Bella 2.    Bailey 3.    Max 4.    Lucy 5.    Molly 6.    Buddy 7.    Maggie   8.    Daisy 9.    Charlie 10. Sophie The trend toward tagging our pets with “people names” […]

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