Before you adopt, think about…

Shelters can be heartbreaking places to visit — crowded, chaotic, and full of sad, adorable faces. The more prepared you are emotionally for what you’ll see at the shelter, the less likely you are to lose your heart to a dog you feel sorry for rather than to a dog who’s a good match for […]

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Product Reviews

Play-N-Squeak Cat Toys by OurPet’s

Pet Product Review – Play-N-Squeak cat toys by OurPet’s Like most cats, ours are so finicky with toys and treats there’s no telling what will interest them. I picked up the Ball of Furry Fury toy at the pet store thinking maybe one out of the three might be intrigued by the squeak and the […]

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Dog Health General

Farm Dog Relief – Pet Urine & Eco Cleaner

Pet Product Review – Farm Dog Relief – Pet Urine & Eco Cleaner When you order a Relief Pet Urine & Eco Cleaner Starter Kit from Farm Dog, you’ll receive a sprayer, a spray bottle (made from recycled milk jugs) and a vial filled with concentrated cleaning solution. You simply pour the solution into the […]

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