Before you adopt, think about…

Shelters can be heartbreaking places to visit — crowded, chaotic, and full of sad, adorable faces. The more prepared you are emotionally for what you’ll see at the shelter, the less likely you are to lose your heart to a dog you feel sorry for rather than to a dog who’s a good match for […]

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Salmon Paws Dog Treats

Salmon Paws Dog Treats by GUEST BLOGGER JOCELYN Another AWESOME treat that my dog goes bonkers for. He literallyruns in circles around me if I have a piece ofthis treat in my hands. Salmon Paws, 100% pure AlaskanWild Salmonis a jerkytreat for dogs (and cats too). It comes as a rather large piece of salmon […]

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From pound puppy to powder hound

by Carol Bryant of FIDO Friendly Magazine “There’s no sense in throwing a life away.” When Zane and Val Henning of Wasilla, Alaska, see their Cocker Spaniel, Cody, trail-blazing through the snow, this thought resonates. Cody entered the couple’s lives in the fall of 2005. “He was in terrible shape with half a left ear, […]

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