Future service dog born without paw to receive prosthetic

Service dogs do their duty by offering physical and emotional support to people living with disabilities. But what happens when it’s the service dog that is differently-abled? Adorable future service dog Pirelli, a 3-month-old Labrador Retriever puppy from Canine Assistants in Alpharetta, Ga., was born without one of his paws. Dr. Kent Bruner, the veterinarian […]

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Dog Health General

Dogs need fats?

Question: Is fat important to my dog’s health and, if so, what’s the best kind? Answer: Dietary fat is the most concentrated source of energy for the dog. It also provides essential fatty acids and aids in nutrient utilization and transportation. Fat is involved in cell integrity and metabolic regulation. So, yes, fat is important […]

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Reference Dog Laws

Dog bite law?

Question: My dog recently bit my neighbor’s ten-year-old (skin wasn’t broken). She’s not a vicious dog, but legally am I in trouble? Answer: Under U.S. law, dog bites inflicting injury or harm are unequivocally considered a “dangerous” activity for which liability may be imposed on the dog’s owner. The potential imposition of liability depends upon […]

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